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  1. General Chat
    As a SHAM If I am at parent teacher conferences with all the other working moms and dads and my phone rings ( on vibrate of course) and realize that it is the repair man finally returning my call. Do I get to excuse myself saying "It is work I have to take this" :rollsmile:cap::bow::lol:
  2. Simple Living
    It's something different for everyone. From living like Thoreau in a tiny cabin in the woods with very little belongings, to having clean, clutter-free surfaces, to whittling down to 100 items you own, to being like zenhabits' Leo Babauta, striving for minimalism, to just not making things...
  3. General Chat
    I haven't talked to Darlene until today. I assumed she had flood insurance and I was dead wrong. While she's fortunate to have a temporary place to live, she has lost her home and many of the contents in it. They were able to salvage some items by bringing them to the second floor of the house...
  4. Pregnancy
    But I'm pregnant again! Exciting, scary, but we have 9 months to figure it all out. Gavin will only be 13 months old when this one is born. Anyone have advice for having kids so close?
  5. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I was thinking about dropping my land line and called them. Of course they don't want you to do that because they will lose money! Without my land line my net service would be 45.00 a month. I pay 35 now. So the nice lady locked me in for a year with my land line still, an extra feature, and...
  6. General Chat
    My Mom filed Bankrupty earlier this year. She had gotten into those payday advance and car title loan rip offs and couldn't get out of it any other way. Not making excuses for her, we all have our own reasons for our mistakes. One of the companies called her this morning and left a very...
  7. General Chat
    for my self.. what a dummy... i took some of my blood pressure meds twice in one day.. but its ok ,,, i turn out i took them 12 hours apart and need to drink lots of fluids.. i have never done this medicine cost so much now...good thing im on a very low trying to get off of...
  8. Dave Ramsey
    What is the name of Dave's new book? I remember seeing a pre-order sale, but now I can't find it. Did anyone listen to last Friday's show? Loved the talk about interviewing and taking the spouse to dinner to make sure she's not nuts. lol this is going to be a great book!
  9. Kitchen Basics
    This is a trivial question.....I've seen a few of these slicers in the seed catalogs that have started coming in the mail. Does anyone know why it's called a "mandolin" slicer? I googled it without success. Thanks!
  10. General Chat
    I just had a call from a young woman who was crying. before could even get hello out she was speaking. She was crying hard and speaking so fast I couldn't get a word in to tell her she had the wrong number before she got this out. "She said "Aunt Jen, mom is sleeping with my husband. I found...
  11. Hobbies
    I'm testing the water to see if there are enough people interested to put this together. This is a test, if enough people want to play I will do sign-ups in a week or so. We will make and trade winter holiday ornaments made of felt, here are some ideas I pulled off the web: Appliqued Felt...
  12. Secondhand Shopping
    Our radiator had crack in it. New one $189---labor $200=$$400+ but my best friends husband took hubby to a pick a part and found a used one for $75 and he didn't charge anything to take the old one out and install a new.. My husband offered him some money refused. But he did say for payment i...
  13. Question and Answer
    If an American who loves all things English is an Anglophile what do you call a person who loves American stuff? No it's it not a joke:) I just wondered if there was a such a word?
  14. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Anyone here do any of the work from home call center type jobs? I know there are places that are looking to hire but i am looking for some good recommendations from people that have worked doing it. I just got DSL and land line with unlimited long distance so i am set to get started, needing to...
  15. Kitchen Basics
    Hints To Housewives On How To Buy, How To Care For Food. This pamphlet was published in 1917. It's an amazing history lesson of the USA. What's even more amazing is how much things have changed, such as, how much of our food is now imported. The recipes are frugal, and just good common sense on...
  16. Military Families
    So, we've known for awhile now that the deployment to Afghanistan was on the horizon. We got the mobilization call yesterday with a narrowed down timeframe of when he will leave the sate for his mob site. It's coming up very quickly and between now and when he leaves, they have all sorts of...
  17. General Chat
    Hi everyone, My cousin in Quebec Canada is participating in a contest-project Please vote for her! You need to register to vote. (REALLY EASY!) Help me support her make a better environment for the kids at school! Let's win this contest. Link to contest. Click on Vote, register and your...
  18. General Chat
    DD14 missed 3 weeks of school recently because of pneumonia that turned into a lung infection. She was at the doctor's office every 2 days to be checked on, I called the school every day to update them, and I picked up her assignments and returned her completed homework every day. I offered...
  19. Question and Answer
    Looking for options for when that time comes. If something other then the norm, or from a language other the English, give a phonetic pronunciation key Please.
1-19 of 211 Results