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  1. Health and beauty
    So I went to Panera with a group of knitters last night. I had eaten beforehand so I wouldn't be tempted by their delectable goodies, but I thought that I would just order a peppermint hot cocoa. Then while standing in line, I realized that they now have calories posted on their menu board...
  2. Health and beauty
    Drinking cold beverages actually burns a few calories. The body uses heat to warm up cold beverages, equaling about 1 calorie per ounce. You might be able to burn 64 ounces a day simply by drinking 8 cups of ice cold water. That can give you a few calories for a treat, like a piece of chocolate...
  3. Health and beauty
    Note: I'm not looking for medical advice - so please don't tell me to go to a Dr or "free" clinic when this simply is not an option available to me. I'm looking for others who may struggle with this as well and advice. ok, so i love food - fruits, veggies (fresh please!) & grains. love my...
  4. Just Tips A nice article to share with friends who are looking for a place to start cutting back. Covers the basics of skipping the fancy coffee, buying generic, buying in bulk, etc.
  5. Food challenges
    Anyone thinking about this yet? I have a tendency to plan way ahead, sorry! Since it's February, how about baking anything chocolate? It really could include anything chocolate ~ even puddings, candy, etc.
  6. Health and beauty
    I know that I did before I quit drinking Dr. Pepper. It was absolutely my drug of choice. I thought I couldn't get through a day without it and rarely ever tried. I did cut back to 1 per day, first thing in the morning but only lost 10 lbs. from doing that. When I gave it up completely, started...
  7. Health and beauty
    here is my favorite site for finding out the nutritional info on foods It is the USDA national nutritional data base You put in the food you wish to know about in the search box. Pick a category to look under and it pops up a list. you pick the...
  8. Health and beauty
    Down 0.8 lbs this week :woohoo: I am more pleased with the fact that I resisted "emotional" eating when I was worried about Dave in Japan. So after 1 mo. I am down 6.9 lbs. Time to step it up with exercise. I've been horrible about it, and I am confident that adding it back will help things...
  9. Health and beauty
    This site may help. You can look at the calories in generic foods like bread and fruit. Or, you can look at the calories in menu items at specific restaurants.
  10. Health and beauty
    I am down exactly 1 lb this week. Total now is 4.8 lbs :)
  11. Health and beauty
    I lost 1.8 lbs this past week. Not bad considering we ate out, and I had baby back ribs. I'm going along just fine now, and I hope I'm able to continue :yippee:
  12. Health and beauty
    :woohoo: As you may already know, I started counting calories last week. I am eating a LOT less than I was, and I'm eating more fruits & veggies. Some days I have trouble getting in all of my calories. I've noticed that I tend to try to eat light for B & L with the fear that if I don't, I'll go...
  13. Health and beauty
    I'm on my 5th day of counting calories. It's a bit time-consuming, but so far I'm doing pretty well, I think. I'm still reading up on going mostly raw, but for now, keeping track of my calories is working. Anyone else?
  14. Health and beauty
    i was reading that you can burn calories by drinking ice cold water. it said that if you drink ice cold water it takes more energy for your body to warm it up to bring it to the correct temperature so that the body can properly process it. i was unaware that i was already doing this but thought...
  15. Health and beauty
  16. Health and beauty
    Just read this article on Yahoo regarding the amount of junk food intake that Amercians will consume during the Superbowl tonight!  It's unreal!!!  :eek!:
  17. Health and beauty   (The make a meal game is in the right column about half way down the page.) The game has you select fast food menu items and put them on your tray, then it calculates the calories/fat of your meal.  Very interesting! 
  18. Health and beauty
    I saw this in a magazine and thought it was interesting. I'm not sure I could do these all the time, but its worth a shot! 100-Calorie Cutouts Dunk chips in salsa, but pass on the cheese dip or guacamole Eat only half the bagel or switch to kiddie-size "minis" Eat the filling from a piece...
  19. Health and beauty
    In listening to this dietitician this afternoon, she said she doesn't like talking about calories, but instead talking about how our clothes fit and making sure we don't put on a larger size to fool ourselves into thinking we've lost weight, but to be honest with ourselves. Most diets count...
1-19 of 27 Results