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  1. Hobbies
    Tylenol Candles You will need 1 red and 1 white votive candles (or use one red and one yellow for Extra Strength!) Place the candles bottom to bottom and wrap in some cellophane "candy style" - with ends twisted and tied with ribbon. Print one of the following poems and attach to the ribbons...
  2. Gifts In A Jar
    Use an old mason jar or any jar you have, mason jars work the best. Find a glass votive holder (or juice cup or any fire safe item) to fit in the top of your jar and not fall in. Fill the jar with potpourie, buttons, dried fruit, an old rag doll, whatever you like. Place the votive holder on...
  3. Candlemaking
  4. Candlemaking There are soapmaking projects on the same page too. Sara
  5. Candlemaking
    Here is instructions for easy container candles, hand dipped candles, pretty flower pressed candles, chunk candles, ice candles and whipped candles. :paw:
  6. Hobbies
    You'll need: A 3-inch pillar candle Cinnamon sticks Natural color raffia Hot glue gun Glue the cinnamon sticks in a tight row around the candle. You can vary the height of the cinnamon sticks by trimming carefully with scissors before attaching to the candle. Let dry and twist a few...
  7. Hobbies
    -2 taper candles (any color) -2 clay pots with saucers (1 1/2-inch size) -Acrylic paint (silver, gold, and a color to closely match the color of the tapers) -Small, decorative gold beads -Spanish moss Using a small paintbrush, paint the clay pots and saucers with the silver paint; let...
  8. Leisure & Media Arts
  9. Leisure & Media Arts Here a site to pay tribute.Light a candle so to speak for the lives of the others. Denise
  10. Candlemaking
    I thinking about making my own candles. Does anyone make their own? Anyone have any tips on getting started? THANKS!
101-110 of 110 Results