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  1. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Sister!!!   Wishing you a wonderful day!!! Love you! Robin:smball::smball::smball::smball::smball::smball::smball::smball::smball::smball:
  2. Simple Living
    I've picked Lori (captclearance) this week. Lori, although your working lots, your still a huge part of this village. I love your crafts you always do and your enthusiasm in supporting others. You are missed and I do hope you can get some time off at Christmas to just play here at the...
  3. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Happy Birthday Lori!!!!! Hope you have a super duper day!!
  4. General Chat
    I got the cutest thing in the mail today. Just too funny. Dh laughed until tears rolled down his face!! Thanks a bunch Lori!!! (btw - we do eat lots of BEANS!!!!) :toothy:
  5. Support
    I was looking through the gallery just now and saw a picture you posted of the FV Zoo get together. Will you please tell me who is in this picture:
  6. General Chat
    Boo! Love all your spooky avitars. Bet Halloween is one of your favorite things.:D
  7. General Chat
    I am thinking about you today and praying that your interview goes well. I love you so much!
  8. Support
    I love your little patriotic siggys!!! They look good on you!
  9. General Chat
    :grball: Lori, wanted to wish you and your dh a Happy Anniversary!! :grball: Hope you have many more!
  10. General Chat
    She gave me the most awesome Valentine's Day idea for the kids in my classes. After you read this you may be thatnking her too. At Savon today I bought 10 storybook lifesavers, total 80 lifesaver packs. I got the idea from Lori to make my own Valentines Wrappers to cover them like they do...
  11. General Chat
    IT is so nice to see your name at the bottom of my screen. I am so happy to see you!!!!!!!!!!! MISSED YOU TONS!!!!!!!!!!!! :mushy:
  12. Quilting
    For all the wonderful quilting quotes you sent to me. It was so timely and exactly what I love to read. Your an angel in disguise I'm sure. cj
  13. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    I didn't forget ya! I was getting too weary to keep going, lol. Addison Alton Arlington Heights Aurora Bloomingdale Bloomington Bourbonnais Bradley Calumet City Carbondale Carpentersville Champaign Chicago Chicago Ridge Crestwood Danville De Kalb Decatur Downers Grove...
  14. Hobbies
    Wouldn't that be a great gift for Sara to send her to each of our homes for a day to do crafts with us? Lets
1-14 of 17 Results