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  1. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    First, I'm new here and I apologize if this is not the proper forum for this question. If I've made a mistake by posting the question here please let me know. For a while I've known that our car payment is killing us but a few days ago I came across the Dave Ramsey show and I feel like I really...
  2. Dave Ramsey
    Hi wife and I are literally just starting the seven steps (we just shut down our 401k even with our employer offering to give 3% for our 6%...gulp). We have no credit cards but are a couple years out of college with $118,00 in student debt. Combined income $100,000. Also have...
  3. Dave Ramsey
    Okay, my friends, here we go. I have a Honda Accord 2008 with 38K on it. Interest is very low (can't remember what, but under 3%), and the note is a little over $10K. The other is a Honda CRV, on a lease (fleece) for about 18 more months. My wife will not part with the CRV, but I am...
1-3 of 3 Results