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  1. Mother's day
    Hi! Usually I make cards for my mom and do something nice for her. This year I have made several, and decided to compete with them on a website. So I need help! Are there any members in facebook on board? If yes, please use the link and go and like in swedish gilla my cards, last day to like it...
  2. Freebies
    Postcard Place Cards - Thanksgiving placecards from antique postcards Oh Happy Dance :fdance:
  3. Freebies
    Very Nice Idea Send Virtual Cards, E-Cards and Flowers at 800FLORALS Virtual Florist
  4. General Chat
    So this is how we do things around here. Dh pays all the major bills and deals with the finances (hey, I have enough to keep me busy). I have a credit card that I use for all purchases household related, consumables (food, cleaning, hba's, etc). I spend, he out great. - lol...
  5. Freebies Print FREE Super Bowl Bingo Cards. There are 18 different cards available. The first one to get 5 wins, so print extra cards so you can play more than once.
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We gave up credit cards about 6 years ago after we got into some financial trouble with them. We have been able to always meet our expenses without since them and would rather not get another one, but found ourselves in a bit of a predicament this weekend. We travel quite a bit for our...
  7. Dave Ramsey
    Does DR advocate canceling the credit cards/having no credit cards at all? My sister-in-law was wondering if she should cancel hers. She doesn't carry a CC balance but spends it up too much during the month sometimes and wants to go all cash. So she put the card in an inconvenient place but she...
  8. Freebies
    Welcome to MyPublisher! Hurry, your code expires November 19, 2011
  9. Success Stories
    We paid and closed all credit cards this month!!! We had close to $3,000.00 in CC bills and we worked hard this month and got rid of them. We will live by cash only from here on out. Love being CC free. Next step is paying off my car and that will take us one year to complete.
  10. Success Stories
    As of yesterday... J.Jill: GONE! LaneBryant: GONE! HBSC (Best Buy): GONE! Barclay's Visa: 50% GONE! The other half will be gone at the end of September. :-) Michelle
  11. Freebies
    Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages from Crayola Father's Day Coloring Pages from Crayola Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages and Cards from Fisher-Price Holiday Coloring Activities For Kids - Free, Online Coloring Activities To Print 25 Free Disney Father’s Day Crafts and Recipes Including...
  12. General Chat
    adam-baker-qa-man-vs-debt-creditcards: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance There is a blog about their travels that is listed in the article. It is a short article about how they went from just paying down the cards to completely doing without them.
  13. Hot deals
    ~I snagged this deal this morning from Living Social. It's a Groupon type site. I don't know if it's available nationally or not but my Philly LS has $10 gift cards for just $5 and you can get more than one! -Disclaimer: I will get one of my cards for free if three people use the link below to...
  14. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    We've already paid off all of dh's credit card debt now we are working on my cards. Mine is piddly compared to what his was lol. His took 5yrs to pay off, we paid off three of mine this past week! Just one more card and my student loan to pay off and the last card will be paid off by the end of...
  15. Crafts for kids
    I work as an aide in a elementary school. During the move from our old school to a new school, I was given a box of old greeting cards. I used some them for decoration for my classroom(these were the ones with writing on them), but I still had a box of cards that was just too pretty to throw...
  16. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Does anyone know how you are supposed to go about getting your rebate cards from Target?
  17. Freebies
    Dr. Oz is giving away freebies on 2/7/11 at 3 PM EST: Aerosole Benefit Shoes -First 800 Magic Bullet -First 200 Nook -first 600 Spa Week Gift Card – First 100 Memory Foam Pillow – First 200 The Dr. Oz Show
  18. General Chat
    ~I'm suddenly getting bombarded with credit card offers. Like 10 a week in my name. I tried opting out using the phone but they don't recognize my difficult last name. Is this an ok site to use? It has an excellent rating on FF Web of Trust but they...
  19. Frugal Living
    I use to think gift cards were guilt free shopping . We received a gift card to Walmart for Christmas. I still feel guilty. I can keep thinking is I shouldn't buy that with this I could buy food. Mom bought me a gift card to buy drive thru sodas guilt free and I had just as much guilt when I...
  20. Green Living
    Does anyone else un-participate in the Christmas card exchange for 'green' reasons? For years I have refused to do Christmas cards because I see it as super-duper waste of paper, processing, extra hours for mail delivery workers, I just simply cannot participate. Seeing the thousands of cards...
1-20 of 338 Results