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  1. Find Your Kith
    I did searches and couldn't find a kith for people who work at home, so I thought I'd start one. Kiths don't seem to be all that active, but maybe we can change that. I'm a novelist who works from my home office. Like many writers, I'm not rich, but I keep it going. I'd like to integrate more...
  2. Careers
    outlook in this recessionary economy and beyond Decided to post this article here in hopes that it may help someone who may be considering going back to school, or is considering which career path to chose. Not surprised, but disappointed that construction is NO WHERE on this list. Very...
  3. General Chat
    If you had to make a career change, what would you do and why? I have been working in the it field for 16 years.....I'm not actively looking to change fields, but think about it once in a while. Just curious what you guys would do? Dawn
  4. Third Agers
    Okay, so I have worked in social services for basically my whole career, always done some art (writing and performing) on the side as a hobby...I'm turning 45 this month and it has suddenly occurred to me that maybe this could be a part-time career...I am doing improv on a regular basis and...
  5. Freebies
    Get Our Free Workbook Order a free workbook. The Living and Working with Cancer booklet contains medical history charts, insurance logs, questions to ask doctors and tips on combining work and treatment.
1-5 of 6 Results