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  1. Home Environment
    For me, it is being so focussed on obtaining some impossible state of perfection that I can't maintain what's good enough. Like not picking up the everyday messes because I'm too busy labelling things inside a closet. Where do you struggle?
  2. Just Tips While I realize many of us can teach our children principles of giving without this, I wanted to share because I think it's a product/program worth mentioning.
  3. Question and Answer
    My ILs have always joked that we (dh and I) are their retirement plan. Through a lifetime of bad luck, not saving and planning well they have now reached their 60s and have absolutely no savings at all. Things are starting to come to a head and I can tell the time is drawing near that they are...
  4. General Chat
    I just returned from my girlfriend's holiday and it was WONDERFUL! Can't believe it is over already. Now I am preparing to leave to care for my parents for the next 4 weeks. They live in another state, so it's a major trip. And I need your help. Here's the facts: 1. Dad has cancer and is...
  5. Just Tips
    It's easier to clean the box if you tilt it. The good litter moves away from the wet spot, you can scoop easier & waste less. ;) What are your tips to make caring for a pet easier?
  6. Freebies
    A free book by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I have received this book and it is awesome. Very comprehensive and retails for $18.00.
  7. Pets Top 10 killers of birds too~
  8. Health and beauty
    Patient Care Soiled Pillows Put several pillow slips on the pillow at one time. The ill person can remove one as cover becomes soiled Heavy Blankets Place a medium sized box under the covers. Cut a "U" shaped channel through the box. Slide the feet through the channel. The box will take the...
  9. Frugal Living
    Part of our frugal skills include mending our clothes to make them last longer and also reuse our old worn out clothes for other purposes. Here are some great ideas on making your clothes last longer or other uses for our old clothes:
  10. Quilting
    Ideas for that special quilt........
  11. Leisure Articles
    For many years my mother worked in sales and lived out of a suitcase as she traveled the country, but that didn't stop her from doing some of the most beautiful needlepoint and cross-stitch work I've ever seen. When she retired, she quickly filled up the walls of her home and kept the local...
  12. Home and Family
    Recently I attended a workshop on balancing life. The workshop focused on finding balance in life by learning to say “no” to additional responsibilities. It was interesting, but missed what life is more often about. Real life is full of challenges that come at you in waves. After all, if life...
1-12 of 12 Results