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  1. General Chat
    Advice from a retired cop: 10 Things You Should Never Carry in Your Purse or Wallet I would also add setting your purse in a shopping cart and then leaving it there while you turn your back is a very bad idea. I can't count the number of purses I see with the tops open and money and/or...
  2. Frugal Living
    We are being flown into KY for a 1 year memorial service and dedication for my brother and the other pilot that passed away. The company is covering our flight and room. We are trying to keep this short trip as inexpensive as possible. They are putting us up in a 5 start hotel so the...
  3. Success Stories
    Our 14 year old tv has been dying slowly for about 7 months. We finally got sick of neon orange people and purple grass and bought a new tv last Saturday. As a member of this forum who has been trying to pay down debt and save for land/home, you might think I'm hanging my head for spending the...
  4. General Chat
    I went to the class, and submitted my info to TBI, and have been carrying a concealed handgun for about 6 months now. With the economy getting worse, and crime going up, being armed wherever you go can save your life. I think of it as a spare tire, I don't drive around expecting a flat, but I am...
  5. General Chat
    I decided the other day I was going to find a HUGE purse in which to carry when my 7 year old son and I go to the movies, events (Walking w/ Dinosaurs) etc. The price of movies isn't TOO bad, but the popcorn, candy and drinks are HORRIBLE. I LITERALLY found the SAME candy at the dollar...
  6. General Chat
    Just musing over the past year, and what I want to carry over into the new year. What have you learned this year that you want to continue next year? Here are the things that have worked well for me this past year. I want to carry these into the new year and keep on working on them. 1...
  7. General Chat
    I feel like I carry a huge purse. I have my datebook, and spot to put coupons, a notebook, a camera, and my phone. Katy
  8. General Chat
    besides a wallet? Mine has a comb, keys, small tape measure & wouldn't be cought without his knife. Carries his palm around with him too if he leaves the house.
  9. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    In my wallet: ~ an number of rewards cards ~a couple of receipts ~my driver's license ~my Manitoba medical card ~a medical card for one of the medical offices in the city ~a bit of change ~a couple of bank slips
  10. Secondhand Shopping
    No, not one. At least not that I've found yet. I keep watching though.
  11. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    VideoNow Color Personal Video Player w/Bonus Carry Case only $24.99! from KBToys Regularly $79.98! Plus the Carry Case is Regularly $19.99! The VideoNow Personal Video Player lets you watch a wide variety of high-quality PVDs loaded with the things you want to watch now in vibrant color...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts,0,3551749.story?coll=ny-features-print
  13. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Any skin condition can be cured by taking care of the underlying cause. These creams can cause cancer, and yet they are allowed to be used by millions of people? The greed will never end! Eczema Drugs To Carry Cancer Warning By Michael Conlon 3-10-5 WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Two eczema...
  14. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    I was thinking how I rarely have more than $5 ever on me. My grandma used to tease me and hand me $5 and say it was so I wasn't arrested as a vagrant. rofl Anyway, I wondered how much people are lugging in their purses in the form of cash these days. I use my debit card for 99% of my purchases.
  15. General Chat
    We have one that has a heavy blanket, candles, scissors, matches, bandaids, rubbing alcohol, antiseptic soap and a few other things. Our second one has a couple of extra heavy blankets. Do you have one and if so, what's in it. Here is a great list of what should be in one...
  16. Hobbies
    DD needed a bag to carry here gym clothes and towel to & from school.... We found a cute tank top she had outgrown, turned it inside out, sewed it shut along the bottom, turned right side out and TAAADAAA.. the shoulders serve as handles, we are going to do some more for garage sale & grocery...
  17. General Chat
    I am not much of a purse carrier. I have a small card holder that I slip into my pocket for quick trips and a check wallet that I often carry. I own a purse, but rarely use it. I know many people are lost without their purses, so I wonder...what's in yours? Sara
1-17 of 17 Results