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  1. Green Living
    Can you guys tell me some ways to repurpose 1/2 gallon milk cartons? The paper ones with the spout. I am seeking to minimize my garbage and reuse everything that I possibly can. I realize that this is one item I throw away regulary. Any ideas?
  2. Just Tips
    My very frugal aunt and uncle taught me this trick. Empty (paper) 1/2 gallon containers work really well for freezing. Open it fully at the top, wash it out, refill, and fold the top in flat to seal. Works especially well for soups, stews, tomato sauce, etc. Any other ideas?
  3. Just Tips
    What do you do with your empty egg cartons? I usually keep mine for kids. My girls scouts can use them for a project or I will give them to the preschool at DD school.
  4. Just Tips
    How do you reuse egg cartons? The organic eggs I buy come in plastic cartons that can be recycled, so into the bin they go.
  5. Home Environment
    Okay, we don't drink, but if we did, this is a good tip. "Liquor cartons have many uses for organizing. You can roll up artwork and store it in the partitions. Or wrap holiday ornaments in tissue or newspaper and store several in each partition. These boxes also come in handy in the workshop...
  6. Just Tips
    Milk Carton Crafts I found this craft for a birdhouse made from a milk carton and it got my mind working.... I wonder what else we can make from empty milk cartons.... Any ideas?
1-7 of 7 Results