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  1. General Chat
    Last night hubby went down for his last smoke and to take the dogs out for last tinkle. (potty) Well he didn't come back so I went down to see what was going on. Grandma was in tears full fledged hysterics and hubby is at his wits end.. She was crying because her son spent Christmas alone and...
  2. Frugal Living
    I got caught impulse buying today. Hubby reminded me that we need to watch it and the my will power was lacking. I went to the store for bread ( we were out ) while there I picked up a generic 2 liter of soda ( 75 cents) and a box of cookie in the reduced for quick sale (50 cents) Hubby is...
  3. Pets
    I have had a stray cat coming to my house for several months now. He has a hurt foot, and he always limps, but he has been very savvy about avoiding the cat trap. Well, last night, his stomach must have been louder than his brain, because he fell for the old "tuna in the cat trap" trick! He...
  4. Family
    OK, I'm sure this has happened to everyone....but its now my turn! lol My daughter is 14 and I caught her and her boyfriend....heavily kissing....and if I didn't walk in, I would have probably caught more! Please don't ridicule me about them being alone and all of that, because I do supervise...
  5. General Chat him, his girlfriend, son, and friend are all ok. but please pray for them! this just happened yesterday. they are staying with his mom right now, but keep them in your prayers please.
  6. News you can use
    Bankrate reporter caught in data breach Leslie McFadden, who covers ID theft and scams, found her personal information exposed by her alma mater. Here's what she did to protect herself -- and what you should do too.
  7. Utilities
    A couple of months ago DS and DD wanted to order a Pay-Per-View sporting event. They were willing to pay the $50 for it, so we ordered it for them. No big deal. The cable bill arrives in April and the $50 charge is on it. Okay, we make the payment and think nothing else of it. Last week the...
  8. General Chat
    Stupid city girl here in the country. We saw a mouse near my dishwasher so mom went and bought one of those DeCon spring loaded traps. The mouse we believe is in there but we never heard a snap. Now we hear all this scratching, but are too chicken to look to see if he's in there. Does anyone...
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    Caught in the Middle
  10. General Chat
    I've been wasting my day in the arcade! Someone make me stop!!!!!:loop:
  11. Utilities
    :thud: We've been gone most of today . When we got home I went in to start a dry a load of clothes. Smelt something bad. Doug came in and we had a water leak and it burnt out the wires on the hot water heater. When he took off the cap on the wires it was all black where ther had been...
  12. Leisure & Media Arts man she was gutsy!! Glad she got caught. I can't imagine being so flip about breaking the law! At least that's what I got out of watching the survelience videos on the news...
  13. Scrapbooking & Paper Crafts
    Okey, Here are a few of the scrapbook pages I have finally completed. I still need to get some 4 month old picture developed so I can do that page. For this one I used the birth announcment, the bow they put in her hair in the nursery and the card that was on her hospital bassinet.
  14. Home Environment
    Whoo-hoo! :clap: :clap: :clap: Yesterday, dh caught the cleaning, decluttering, decorating bug. It was fabulous. While Julia was at her playdate and Patrick took a fabulous nap, we: cleaned out, decluttered and rearranged the office tossed two large garbage bags full of stuff rehomed many...
  15. Pets
    First let me set the scene. For the last 2 or 3 weeks every once in a while we would find a 'puddle' of toilet paper on the floor in the bathroom. Well, I was blaming Nicky cuz he used to do this all the time. Usually we would come home from somewhere and find a trail all down the stairs and...
  16. Web Design Tutorial
    Okay, I'm up to speed and all caught up!
1-16 of 26 Results