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  1. General Chat
    --This isn't meant to be a debate thread! This is for informational purposes only. Please don't get debaty. :( -- I wrote this little blurb on a military specific board I go to because of the possibility of it affecting military pay. I'm going to post it here too because I think we should...
  2. Home Environment
    Which way do my ceiling fans need to turn in the summer with my a/c on? lol I always forget.
  3. DIY
    YMMV, but at lowes they have the ceiling fans with no lite kids for $12.95! They are in a brown box, they are 42" blades! Way cheaper than a box fan!
  4. DIY
    Ok I'm having brain infarction, I have a 98'x60' room and I need to figure out how many ceiling tiles I need. I multiplied the LxW and divided it by the amount of tiles in the box. Is this right? TIA
  5. Frugal Living
    Do any of you reverse your ceiling fans for winter? We are trying to do it now but always worry we somehow will do it wrong? For example, what if somehow the fans were on the wrong switch all along and we just made it worse and suck the air up? Is there a way to tell? Thanks if you know!
  6. Utilities
    I have a question about my ceiling fan in my bedroom. It has started making a loud humming noise. It's been off for the winter, and I turned it on for the 1st time last night. Is there a way to stop the humming? Is it bad to run it while it's making the noise? Thanks for any...
  7. Utilities
    Most of the rooms in my home have the light fixtures as part of the fan and I want to use more cfl bulbs, but I am worries that the jiggeling of the fan will cause them to burn out or break. Has anyone used them in ceiling fans and would they reccomend it? Thanks, Angel
  8. Utilities
    My bedroom is the coldest in the whole house. It has 3 outside walls. The temperature is usually at least a 5 degree difference in the rest of the house it is more when it is really cold and windy outside. I have oil baseboard heat. Do you think if I run my ceiling fan on low clockwise will...
  9. General Chat
    Well, not all of it, but a nice big chunk of it. DH was getting ready for work and just happened to look up and see that the drywall was falling down a little. Our air conditioning unit drip pan over flowed and seeped through the ceiling. About a half hour later, a nice two foot by two foot...
  10. Utilities
    I am posting this because I had to look it up. I always get confused as to which way they should be turning. LOL! During winter heating, to help circulate warm air that is trapped on the ceiling, blades should turn 'forward' in a clockwise motion. This movement will pull up and push the warm...
  11. Home Environment
    Okay, our bathroom is absolutely disgusting. We have plans to remodel eventually, but for now, we have to live with what we have. Anyway, we now have some mold forming on the ceiling. Does anyone know how we can rid of it?
  12. Utilities
    Should I leave the fans on in my living room overnight? Does this help keep the air circulating and keep the a/c for kicking on? Or am I wasting money having them on? Thanks, P
  13. General Chat
    Anyone know? My whole house is popcorn ceiling and I don't have a clue how to paint it without the stuff coming off.
  14. General Chat
    At 1h30 pm, François comes and tell me there is water falling from the ceiling and on the window sill... I wake up Pierre....and we see the trouble.... yes, it finally happened like our friend neighbours--the living room ceiling is leaking in a crack... We *really* didn't need this
  15. Utilities
    We have a really high 15' or so ceiling in the living room. Which setting should I have the ceiling fan on for winter to hopefully get that hot air down to us!? The switch up or down? Thanks!
  16. General Chat
    ...He put a nail through a water pipe!:eek: So he closed off the water and now he is running out to Home Depot to buy stuff to change it! He was almost finished...he is putting up wood up for our ceiling...
  17. Home Decorating
    I hate my dining room ceiling fan. It's so old, it's almost back in style with its shimmery brown glass bulb covers... I can get new ones at Goodwill for cheap enough, but have no clue about painting the fan blades and maybe the metal parts??? Anyone done this? I would love some advice!
  18. Home Environment
    Well it's not exactly mosquito netting but I hope you get the idea. Ryan wants the gauzy fabric draped from the ceiling over her bed. Kinda like a canopy but attached to the ceiling over the center of her bed and then hanging down to each of the 4 bed corners. I hope you can get a visual idea...
  19. Home Decorating
    I love this idea. I'd like to try this in my spare room. I need to do some ceiling work on it.
1-19 of 19 Results