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  1. Success Stories
    The last payment on our car!!! We now have two cars totally paid for!! Now I'm off to conquer a cc debt that has almost bitten the dust!!
  2. General Chat
    YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!! I received a call from my doctor this afternoon with the results of my latest blood test (as some of you know, I was diagnosed w/ stage 3 Papillary Carcinoma - Thyroid Cancer). Anyway, she said that my calcium levels are great, my thyroid medication level is too high & she...
  3. Success Stories
    I had been planning a trip to visit a couple Craigslist sellers for some good deals on a couple toys this weekend. After doing the budget for next week, I'm having trouble making the numbers work. So I sent them both an email explaining that I had car repairs that went over-budget over the...
  4. Valentine's day
    Spring is almost here!! The sun is coming to warm up everybody and everything!! To celebrate, please join as we exchange little gifts of spring.. Perhaps a bookmark, a card or a posie Anything to make your day a little rosy!! Okay, so a poet I will never be. But I can organize this little...
  5. Freebies
    On April 15, 2009, McDonald's is offering a B1G1 for 1 cent! This includes Quarter Pounder with Cheese and Big Macs. Call your local McDonalds to see if they are participating.
  6. Frugal Living
    I went to a couple of markets today. As usual, I checked out the marked down stuff first. I got two steaks at one market, that's all. One of them was originally $8 and change, marked down $2. The other was originally $3.xx, marked down $1. The second one was thin sliced round steak. When I...
  7. General Chat
    We were not getting some cable channels Hubby thought we were paying for. I called to check. We were suppose to be getting them. They also told me that were being over billed $5 a month. So more channels now for less money. Sorry about the title it should say "I'm celebrating I just save $60 a...
  8. Christmas
    Well, I was thinking today about how I have been able to make things or purchase items cheaply to help celebrate the holidays. Here is what I have done so far: Recyled door wreath and changed out the ribbons and ornaments with what I already had. Made a hot chocolate mix and added mint...
  9. Success Stories
    We made the last payment on my husband's car this week. We are now car payment free!!!!:dancing:
  10. Freebies
  11. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    DH had a birthday this week. And now we have Fathers' Day next weekend. For his b'day, we got him DVDs and a Baskin-Robbins cake. I'm out of ideas!
  12. Utilities
    Our electric bill is only $60!!! Woohoo!!! It was $96 last month and over $100 every month before that. We didn't do anything different that I can think of. We haven't had to use the furnace as much so I'm sure that makes a difference. I've been a light nazi. Unfortunately, it will go back...
  13. General Chat
    Dee I love your new siggy. I'm celebrating right along with you.
  14. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Ours is Victoria Day which is the 3rd weekend in May. Yours?
  15. Easter
    We're going to take my dparents, Gripey's dmom and dbrother, our dd's and my dsister to eat at the Cracker Barrel. Don't yet know what we'll do afterwards, probably go back to dmil's house for a visit. No little kids to hunt eggs with, not yet or anymore..... What did you do today to celebrate?
  16. Valentine's day
    We don't really "do" Valentine's Day... usually just a nice dinner at home.  I did sneak a Valentine card into DH's lunch bag today, though.  ;) We'll be having t-bone steaks, corn, baked beans (all DH's favorite foods), and maybe scalloped potatoes for supper.  I'm also trying a new...
  17. Family
    I couldn't have had a better day. First of all, I got a call from my oldest daughter Danielle, the one that Shane went to live with. He brought his report card home today and got 5 B's and 1 C!!! This is such wonderful news. I have tried to keep from blabbing how hard it was for him to adjust in...
  18. General Chat
    It's a holiday here in Quebec. It's La Saint Jean Batiste. I tried to find some pictures to show you but I didn't find any... Every year on the evening of the 23rd there are many shows and festivites everywhere in quebec. Here in our town, there was activities, a music show and fireworks...
  19. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I wish each and every one of you a wonderful day! :grball:  
1-19 of 24 Results