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  1. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Who are you cheering for? Do you watch for the game or the commercials or both? What's going to be on your table food & beverage wise? Me, I'm hoping the Packers win. I love the commercials more than the game since the game often is a blow out with one team dominating the other. It'll be just...
  2. Military Families
    So Fourth of July is all about celebrating our country's independence and honoring your veterans and servicemembers. My city always has a big shindig--parade, carnival, fireworks, etc. There is also a concert of patriotic music. The parade is a two hour long affair that is always lead by the...
  3. Christmas
    I enjoy Christmas, its my favorite holiday but I am sad to say that I don't really include any religious traditions in my celebrations. I don't attend any church services, I don't bake a birthday cake for Jesus, I don't own a nativity scene, I don't read the Christmas story etc. Christmas is...
  4. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    Woohoo mark your calenders ladies, April 7th is no housework day! :yippee:
  5. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
  6. Frugal Living
  7. Simple Living
    - electric fans - a cooler day - grandkids - bubble baths - long summer nights
  8. Simple Living
    - for dh passing his test - for black earth - gentle breezes upon my face - for milestones in Michael's life - for a clothesline
  9. Simple Living
    the beauty of the sky during a storm the quiet last night coming home from the city thunder the sun my wonderful family
  10. Simple Living
    - for the LFL program here and Sara starting it - for the videos from a friend in the mail - for long summer nights - dd snuggling in bed this morning
  11. Simple Living
    -for our friend who owns a horse ranch - kids get to go horseback riding on Sat. -for ds#1's new friend -dd's gift of drawing -for our journals -laughter
  12. Simple Living
    - warm toasty beds - quilts - reading late into the night - gentle falling raindrops - the hummingbird at my feeder
  13. Simple Living
    - wet kisses from dd - a good book - for my adopted Sis - the beauty of nature
  14. Simple Living
    - for the winds to help keep it cool - for early mornings while everyone is still asleep - bubble baths - music
  15. Simple Living
    - for a phone call from a precious friend - for dd who turns 13 today - for late nights when all is quiet - for tears that wash away the hurt and smiles that replaces them - for dh who is a constant source of joy, who always fills our home with love and laughter
  16. Simple Living
    - For the village and all that Sara & Gabe do - roses - perennials - homemade bread - smiles in the morning
  17. Simple Living
    - storms - the smell of fresh fallen rain - dh who will get up at 5 a.m. to kill a bug in dd's room - bird's chirping first thing in the morning - hummingbird's at our feeders
  18. Simple Living
    - long soothing bubble baths - balloons - sticky fingers from homemade cinnamon buns - quiet reading in our living room before bed - oak trees in the park across the street
  19. Simple Living
    I appreciate: - my warm snuggly bed early in the morning when there is a chill in the house - gentle breezes - roses - dh and my kids who always bring a smile to my face
  20. Simple Living
    Today I'm celebrating: - a full freezer (we were given a huge amount of deer meat last night) - the sun shining after almost 4 days of rain - special friends - the end of a school year (this has been the best one yet)
1-20 of 23 Results