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  1. Christmas
    How To Make Candy Cane Candlesticks
  2. Thanksgiving
    You can also remove the fresh flowers from the base you made after Thanksgiving,  add new & turn it into a Chrismas centerpiece.:)
  3. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    I found this on a site Sara gave a link to and loved it..... This would be a very frugal gift to make for a hostess this year or would look great on your own table...... It gives a list of materials needed, but frugal minds know that you could use a mason jar cut your own styrofoam from scrap...
  4. Hobbies
    This is cute! Use your imagination, you could substitute the fleece for a scarf you have around the house, and the hat too! :D Simple, easy and frugal table setting! :snowman: It doesn't say but you could make the snowflake placemats out of paper and the snowball place cards out of styrofoam...
  5. Christmas
    Truffle Topiary Centerpiece........... This impressive, edible centerpiece takes truffles to new heights. Set out the extras on plates or package them for guests to take home. Or make tiny versions to set at each place setting...
  6. Hobbies I've seen these before, but thought this was an especially pretty example. A friend of mine at work made these out of 20oz green soda bottles, and made a tree that stands about five feet tall! She used a 5-lb coffee can for the trunk...
  7. Hobbies
    Most of you know by now that I'm the Activity Director at a nursing home. :reindeer: Every year, our big event is our Christmas Open House. This year, I'm doing a "Peace on Earth" theme using white doves. I need centerpieces for 28 dining room tables. The catch is this: we have NO money...
  8. Christmas
    Under 4.00 2 dollar store ashtrays, 1 topper, like I used two cardinals in a tree, some fake pine like from artificial Christmas tree, a few holley leaves, glue too bottom of one ashtray, put strand of 10, 15 or 20 christmas lights inside bowl of other ashtray. Then set decorated one on top...
  9. Christmas
    Quick & easy and smells sooooo good. A crystal bowl, wineglass, candle and Christmas Pine potpurri.
  10. Pumpkin
    I found this on Nothing says fall like pumpkins. You know they are just big, clumsy winter squash. In the past they were used for a lot of different things, but these days we basically use them for holiday pies and jack-o-lanterns. However...
  11. Easter
  12. Hobbies
    When your ornaments are missing tops or caps, they would still look great in a nice pretty bowl as a centerpiece. Carrie
1-12 of 12 Results