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  1. Valentine's day
    It's not easy creating a fabulous Valentine's Day frugally. I'm looking for fun, creative, romantic, low keyed ideas (no hiking through the mountains with a picnic basket please, something for homebody type of person). Give me your very best $20 Valentine's Day Plans. Now that's a challenge...
  2. Green Living
    Anyone interested in a challenge to live greener in 2012? It seems that many of us are interested in eating locally, being frugal, reusing items, cutting our electrical usage, etc. So I thought I'd resurrect the Greener Living Challenge that Emily started in 2009.
  3. Home and family challenges
    I've seen this challenge in the years past but haven't seen this posted for the new year. Can a mod please make this thread a sticky? ------------ Who's in to see how much we can use up so we don't waste this year? Today, I used up: * bottle of body wash * tube of hair conditioner * 2...
  4. Money challenges
    Feel free to join to post your coupon (or rebate/'rewards') saving successes here! I'll get the ball rolling for 2012- Saved $19.90 at CVS using coupons/rewards today. Saved over $2k after coupon expenses last year, hoping to hit 3K this year and really grow that stockpile using my coupons!
  5. Money challenges
    ~I have boxes of stuff "flung" in last year's challenge that haven't left the house yet due to me not listing them. Since we're moving across country mid-year, I will have lots more stuff to unload before we go. And we could really use the money too. ;) My goal is to list at least 5 items a...
  6. Health challenges
    Anyone up for this again this year? The idea is to start with one, then add one each day. Just to keep it easy to remember this month, I will start with two push-ups and two crunches today. Tomorrow, three of each; the next day, four of each. By the end of the year, I SHOULD be able to do 365 of...
  7. Lifestyle challenges
    What did you do today to ensure that you will survive the zombie-pocalypse? I didn't get much done in the "self-sufficiency" field today. I did eat from my stockpile and collect eggs from the hens, but that was about it.
  8. Money challenges
    This is an area I really need to work on. Wasted food is wasted money. I may as well take a few dollar bills out of my wallet and toss them in the trash can each week. So I'm trying to be vigilant with either eating, repurposing or freezing leftovers and not over purchasing produce. My plan...
  9. Lifestyle challenges
    Welcome to the 2012 Frugal Challenge! This thread is for keeping track of any frugal activity that you do - clipped a coupon, washed laundry in cold water, turned off lights, switched cell phone plans - anything you can think of that counts as frugal. I personally find it inspiring to read...
  10. Food challenges
    With grocery prices ever-rising, in 2012 I am challenging myself to do one meatless dinner at least once a week. We can do eggs or cheeses, just looking to cut out the expensive meat! Let's see how I do with it, and if it makes any kind difference in the budget. If I stick with it, that's at...
  11. Health challenges
    Same as last year folks, I'm declaring war on declining health :fence: through better choices. It's 1:19 am January 1st. So far, so good.
  12. Hobbies
    After a month of charity and giving, it's time to be a little selfish. :) This month's challenge is to make something for yourself. It can be for you or for your home, if it is really something you've been wanting for your home, but not just because it is practical and you "need" it. It should...
  13. Food challenges
    I cut way back in 2011. It saves lots of money!! How about you?
  14. Leisure challenges
    New thread for the new year! Looking forward to seeing all the amazing stuff we all come up with!!
  15. Health challenges
    Here we are.....the start of another year! Drinking water is one of the best things we can do for our bodies. So let's get at it! I am in for 64 ounces per day ..... how about you?
  16. Health challenges
    New year - new you! Come join us on the exercise challenge!!! Plan on how much exercise you wish to strive for each day/week and post it here. We can help to keep each other motivated! I am in for 45 minutes per day. How about you? :)
  17. Leisure challenges
    I think this went well for those of us who participated and I'm hoping we can continue strong this year! I'm going to set my personal blogging goal at 5 times per week. I find that I'm most successful when I write a bunch of things at a time and save them in a word document, then post first...
  18. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    What did you buy just because you wanted it, not because you needed it? How much money did you spend on little luxuries, or googaws, or fast food, that could have gone toward savings, debt reduction, or other things that could change the quality of your life in a material way? If your purchase...
  19. Home and family challenges
    Ready for the new year? No? Well, no time like the present to start!!
  20. Health challenges
    I just LOVE you gals!!!!! This thread is THE best thread on FV.... I think! Anyone can join in the fun...we welcome all but beware...we are a chatty group! :laugh: 2012 is going to be a GREAT year! Let's get started! :)
41-60 of 497 Results