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  1. Food challenges
    How is everyone doing?? How did you do over the weekend?? Anyone have plans to eat out tonight for Valentines day??? Do you have plans in place so you don't fall back to picking up fast food on the way home?? Hope everyone has a successful week!!
  2. Food challenges
    Hey everyone!! Sorry I did not get this thread started on time!! :( I noticed some people overcame their challenges last week and I am very happy to see us adapting and really thinking about our choice of eatin out or at home. We are eating out this Friday 2/11...for the first time since...
  3. Food challenges
    :wave: Hi everyone. I am really excited that alot have jumped on board. Do you all have plans in place for meals for the week?? My menu plan is in place and I have everything I need to make the meals, so I should be set for the week without going to the store!! :hurray: How are you doing...
  4. Food challenges
    Let's see how many meals we can eat from home this month. Anyone care to join in??? If you are interested, now is the time to menu plan for Feb. I find it much easier to not eat out, if I have a plan. If you work outside the home, plan on taking your lunch. Anyone want to hop on board??
1-4 of 4 Results