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  1. Sweeps and Online Contests
    Hey Frugal Village, here's a chance to check out the icons of the music industry, live! Want to attend the GRAMMYs? I work for a social media marketing company that is doing a campaign for MasterCard, and they have a contest that will give a lucky entrant the opportunity to head to LA to see...
  2. Sweeps and Online Contests
    If you're into romance fiction: St. Martin's Press: The "She Loves Summer Sweepstakes"
  3. Sweeps and Online Contests
    So we're giving away 20,000 new Burner 2.0 6-irons. Sign up below and you could become one of thousands of golfers nationwide that are experiencing Burner distance first-hand. TaylorMade Golf Burner 2.0 Irons : Events I signed up, put in a 555-5555 number for my cell, but it just said thanks...
  4. Sweeps and Online Contests
    The FITNESS 2010 Healthy Food Awards it's in the upper right corner.
  5. Freebies
    from Nabisco, this is like the Pillsbury deal. Here: Nabisco Cookies and Milk - The Smiles are on them, Free* Nabisco cookies are on us. Judi
  6. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    I'm not sure it really is a snowball more like flurries. A bit extra here and there as possible. That is all we are able to accomplish at this point. This frustrates me. Tell me that flurries do add up and you can make snowballs out of that. Trying to look on the bright side: Flurries are a...
  7. Freebies
    Order a FREE personalized Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 3D postcard! Visit the linked page & there you can choose from four backgrounds, characters and food. Then upload your photo and a 3D postcard made from it will be mailed to you...
  8. General Chat
    Somebody Please get me out of this loan modification blues. I was almost done and finalized to go for hamp guide program as they had so much for people like me but then thought of getting some suggestions. Does anyone know about it?
  9. Frugal Canadians You click on the green tee shirt to the side when you load the site, and then vote on one of three shrits with sayings on it, fill in the shipping info, and if you are going to get one you should get an email instantly...
  10. Secondhand Shopping
    My confession: I hadn't stepped one foot in a thrift store for two years until last week. I live in MI and was in the mood for a garage sale. Well, since we won't be having any of those for a few months, I visited the Salvation Army Store on my lunch hour. And did I find a treasure chest...
  11. Health and beauty I would also like to mention that people who are magnesium deficient have a far greater chance of suffering from kidney stones too. OUCH! I feel bad for anyone who has to go through the process of passing these. DD had these too when she was diagnosed...
  12. Goals and Dreams
    Its always been a dream to have my own business having my own little bakery/deli with a small gift shop. Well with everything that's been going on, I found out that I am eligible for going back to school. I checked all the courses being offered and they have a Culinary Arts class starting in...
  13. Financial hardship
    I'm not sure what to title this thread or where to put it, so it is going here since we need money! Bad! lol I can work with my dh a couple days a week. This is like 10 or 12 hour days, ride to work with him and all. Save money on gas. It's a 40 minute drive. Scary, eh? The problem is that I...
  14. Leisure & Media Arts This year they will be choosing 5000 random winners. Usually lots of great items inside! Worth a shot
  15. News you can use
    Fidelity Magellan's second chance Can Fidelity Magellan regain its former glory? That's the question facing Harry Lange, manager of the $40 billion fund, which recently re-opened to new investors.
  16. Frugal Living
    Hi, I hope that this is ok to post, if not, I trust somebody will let me know. I have been lurking everyday for a couple of years, but rarely post. The company that I work for is in the process of doing some major recruiting. We hire biologists to work for 3 month contracts in Alaska. We...
  17. Debt Reduction & Money Management Don't forget to start thinking about your taxes while you can still do something about it!
  18. Adoption
    I am a twice divorced single Asian man, age 48, slightly disabled. I have to rely on a cane to walk, but other than that, I am quite normal and healthy. I am currently receiving disability benefit from Social Security (SSDI) and from my private disability insurance company. Both incomes...
  19. Vacations and Travel
    Just think this would be interesting to find out.
  20. Freebies
1-20 of 40 Results