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  1. General Chat
    Somehow I added incorrectly and had $700 extra in my checkbook register. I'm so mad at myself. I caught it when I checked my online balance with my register. I was feeling pretty comfy with "extra money", Ouch!
  2. Freebies Our checkbook covers will add a hint of style to any checkbook! Throw away those ugly free plastic ones from the bank and get one that glimmers from Yatta. (This version has blue lace on the front - no image) Features: Pale Yellow...
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    happy with me nor am I happy with myself. To the tune of over $200. Thankfully nothing will bounce but I forgot to deduct the life ins. for the last 3 months. Its an automatic withdrawel and I forgot to record it. Not a good time of yr to do this either. Christmas will be less because of it and...
  4. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    looked at what we have coming in as far as bills and went and got myself a pair of sneakers. Nothing fancy, just basic sneakers in my size from Walmart for $19.97!!! Its the little things in life that make me happy
  5. General Chat
    :nerv2: Seriously, this checkbook had me in twitches. :nerv2: She called for my help because she had no idea how much she had in her checking account. She and her husband have separate accounts (this is why I am TOTALLY against separate accounts...joint accounts keep everyone...well...
  6. General Chat
    Not because I was messing it up or anything...I was just sort of tired, kwim? So it's a huge relief that he's doing it. And I have to admit, it's fun to watch. It's nice to be a team in meeting our financial goals and in life in general. :hurray: :dancing:
  7. Hobbies
    i made this for myself, then another one with dr's and nurses for my daughter
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    How do you manage to balance your checkbook keeping track of checks, debit purchases and various service fees without making costly mistakes?
  9. Debt Reduction & Money Management I've used this a few times just to total all the checks I had to deposit, my calculator wasn't in sight (lost somplace in the house under a stack of papers or DH put...
  10. General Chat
    Okay, so, I keep the checkbook. My handwriting is neater and I like to pay bills right when they come in, which dh doesn't, so early on, we agreed that I could be the keeper of the checks. Weeeeeeelllllllll...last summer when we sold our old house and bought our new house, we had checks and...
  11. Frugal Living
    Yes I do right down to the penny. A number of years ago, I made a huge banking error because I hadn't done that. Taught me a lesson the hard way. How about you?
  12. Sewing
  13. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    In order to keep your bank happy, to not have any NSF checks and to see that there isn't any over charges, you need to balance your checkbook when the bank statement comes. Do you?
1-13 of 13 Results