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  1. Home Environment
    Well, my daughter is now a very adult 12 years old and wants to claim the basement as her room. So when they return from visiting my mom and dad in the states, we'll be doing the big switcheroo. An ideas for blocking her area from the stairs? I am thinking some floor to ceiling bookshelves...
  2. Pets
    I wont ever do that again! I gave her a bath today and thought I'd clip them cause I'd read it made them soft and easy to cut,well I did good until the next to the last one and cut it to short..she cried out and it was bleeding :( It didn't bleed long and she's fine now but next time,she's...
  3. Pets
    Ashley was SUPPOSE to be watching her :rolleyes: And see the trim on the door... :bang:
  4. Pets
    She's doing pretty good using the pee pads.She still has accidents but for the most part,uses the pee pads :D
1-4 of 4 Results