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  1. Clay Pot Crafts
    This craft is adorable.
  2. Simple Living
    I took this Saturday of Wynter and her mom.
  3. Quilting
    I received the train today! But I am going out of town tomorrow so I will not get it back out till Tues. But it will be leaving the station then. So hang on there will be a short delay due to me needing to go to GIRLS WEEKEND!!
  4. Quilting
    The train is in MN as of today! I will try and post a picture of what I got on Fri. (no time today) I can't figure out the "ugly" one:confused: I love getting mail...good mail... non-bill mail.
  5. Quilting
    The first FQ train of 2004 has departed the station in Dracut Mass and is headed to _____________. All participants please remember to post when you receive the train and when you send it out.
  6. Quilting
    THe fat quarter train has arrived at my house! :) I will be sending it out again real soon to.......;)
  7. Quilting
    I had a GREAT surprise when I went to the post office today, I got the FQ train!!! Thank you Darlene, I love all of them!! :D Now I'm off to JoAnn's to shop for _______________ !! The train will be on it's way soon!
  8. Quilting
    Kim, Thanks for the richly colored fq's of fall. They are so pretty!:) The train will pull out on Tues to very special...:)
  9. Quilting
    The train arrived in MN! Melissa, very summery! Thanks I will be sending it on its way to.........
  10. Quilting
    I got the fat quarter train yesterday!! Thank you Heather!! You picked my favorite colors... those are all the ones I would have picked out myself. Thanks! The train will be departing for ______ within a few days. :)
  11. Quilting
    I received beautiful (fall) fat quarters in the mail today!! I love them!! Thank you so much (still am figuring out who sent them;) ) Tomorrow the train will be on track and headed to ___________!!!!!!!! This is fun!!:smball:
  12. Quilting
    to sunny and warm Southern California!!:D I really need to say Thank You so much Hannah for sending me the most beautiful fat quarters I have seen. I love them all and as soon as I learn how to quilt (don't hit me CJ, I know you have tried very hard to help me):blush: these fat quarters will...
  13. Quilting
    FQ train arrived earlier this week and is on its way to ________. Monday (technical difficulties here :rolleyes: ) :)
  14. Quilting
    Okay ladies - for all those who are in the quilting club, our first fat quarter train is getting ready to depart around the 20th or so of January. All those wanting to hop on board, please sign up. When signing up, please say what your favorite season is. Again, it will be 5 fat quarters and...
1-14 of 14 Results