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  1. Quilting
    It's been a while, and I'd love to hop on. :)
  2. Quilting
    It is bee-u-tee-ful!!!!! I love it!!! Hmmm Now what am I going to do with it??? Knowing me, probably cuddle and stroke it and tell it I love it and that I am happy CJ parted with it. LOL
  3. Simple Living
    As co-moderator of Chosen Path of Simplicity I'm going to take the opportunity, while CJ is away today, to start the thankyou thread this week. I want CJ to step up for a well deserved thank you. CJ, you are one of the ladies who help keep everything flowing smoothly at FV. You're always...
  4. Needle Arts
    CJ, I just saw your post in the Swap Shop forum. Can you tell me where you are having problems? Maybe I can help explain the patterns better. Don't give up, you did beautifully on your granny squares. :hugz:
  5. General Chat
    I was going through some boxes and I found a bunch of writings and journals... Heres a poem that I wrote when I was hopelessly depressed and suffering from anorexia....just thought I would share.... Its very depressing...its hard for me to believe that I ever was this bad....I read over my...
  6. General Chat
    I thought about you guys on Saturday evening. I heard my first, real life rendition of "Oh Canada" at the baseball game between the Texas Rangers and the Toronto Blue Jays. Wish I could remember the name of the fellow that sang it.
  7. Quilting
    My son needs a comforter or bedspread for his bed. I'd like to use up some of the various corduroy I have lying around. What would be a good pattern? I've thought about just doing a brick layout with rectanges, or a 4 patch or Thousand Triangles. I need something simple and quick to make...
  8. Christmas
    When I saw this idea, I thought of CJ and Micheal. I thought this would be a great gift for him. Give your child(ren) a box of items that can be assembled into a homemade playhouse or tree house: scrap wood, cardboard, small hammer, non-toxic paint, rope, pulleys, shingles, canvas, anything...
  9. Quilting
    You said that we have to cut our backing and batting 4" larger than the quilt top. Is that 4" total (2" all the way around)? OR Is that 4" per side and ends all the way around the quilt top?
  10. Quilting
    Now in the pic below, I hope I'm figuring right. The 'lights' are all on the outside, the 'mediums' are the next set around and the 'darks' are in the middle. How do you tell what is light vs. medium and medium vs. dark when you are picking out fq's or fabric? Some are obvious but others give...
  11. Homesteading and gardening
    I went into the Co-op the other day and was wondering how you made out with your Wednesday coupon days! Hope you got lots of goodies!
  12. Quilting
    How many fat quarters did you buy when you went shopping with your "money"????? We are all waiting to hear............;)
  13. Green Living
    ....what do you eat for meals? Do you have some that you rotate week after week? Is it just you eating this way, or do you have the whole family doing it?
  14. Baking Breads
    I am going to try out your bread recipe (white first). How much does the total make? I'm guessing 4 loaves, or 2 loaves and __ rolls, or ___ rolls? Also can I make the rolls bigger so they will be like hamburger buns or like sandwich size rolls? If so, about what size of a piece of dough in my...
  15. Baking Breads
    I was just reading the Homestead post and saw that you made cinnamon buns. Hmmm wonder how hard they are now that I can bake BREAD! If you ever get so inclined I would love to know how to make them. Your tutorial on bread making was great. My family is so spoiled with homemade buns, maybe I...
1-15 of 22 Results