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  1. General Chat
    We all know who he is. He died today of a heart attack at age 82. He was great..
  2. Health and beauty
    can't believe this! What is going on with our manufacturing?? If you use Kimberly Clark Tampons........might want to read this. Vitals - Kotex tampons recalled over bacterial contamination Has the UPC code listed.......and full list. Quote: The products were shipped between Oct. 29 and Nov...
  3. Family
    As I am writing this Travis is downstairs, I would envite him and his family up but my DH doesn't feel good. Travis is really a great guy, I have known him for years he is from this area, we are great friends with Travis's mom and stepdad and with Travis. We have known him since before he got...
  4. News you can use
    Clark Howard disses debt Attack the credit card debt monster with a 30-month debt-management plan, advises author and radio personality Clark Howard.
  5. Sewing
  6. Freebies
  7. Freebies
    Not sure what it is - but it's free - maybe a luggage tag.
  8. Education
  9. Leisure & Media Arts
    He'll be on Disocery Health "The program, "Dollars & Sense", will feature couples who are having financial trouble. Check it out!"
  10. Frugal Living
    Has anyone read this book? I'd be interested in your opinions.
  11. Family
    I hope this picture works. He has always been one of my favorites!
  12. Food Articles
    "From my friend in Maine, a bona fide New England Baked Bean recipe. Cleo claims it's her Daddy's Best. Knowing her she's probably right. "But you have to wonder, like...did her Daddy get the recipe from Duke? Or maybe Duke got it from her Daddy? Hmmm.... Regardless of where Daddy acquired his...
  13. Education
1-13 of 13 Results