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  1. Just Tips
    I saw this is an article once and tried it. It really works. Sometimes a room is so messy it's just overwhelming. When you walk in the door of the room start to the left and clean from floor to ceiling. Go around the room step by step cleaning from the floor to the ceiling. Once you get...
  2. General Chat
    For some reason I find it better to fall clean rather than spring clean. :) I have no idea why but I love going into the winter with everything neat and tidy. Here are a couple pictures of our 'under the stairs' closet. I didn't get a before picture but the first picture is half way through the...
  3. Make It Yourself
    I've been doing some searching on making your own cleaners, I was wondering if anybody else does this I am really starting to like the idea of it, I was wondering if they really work and if it really is cheaper than going out and buying the commerical stuff. I use a ton of coupons and love to...
  4. Just Tips
    TIP: Clean your coffee grinder by running about a cup of white rice through it. The rice is slightly harder than the coffee, so it will clean out the old coffee from the grinder. The rice will also absorb the oils that are trapped inside. Follow by grinding a handful of coffee through in order...
  5. Quilting
    Any suggestions on how to launder an old crazy quilt?
  6. Home Environment
    I'm looking for a homemade bleaching paste for the grout in our bathroom. I was wondering if anyone had a really, really good recipe that will stick to the grout and not slide down the tiles. Thanks :)
  7. Home Environment
    Thought this article had some handy tips for those looking for ways to keep their homes reasonably clean w/o going into a full 'deep clean' mode. It partially summarizes what I do to try to keep my house 'maintained' until I can get the time for a proper and full deep clean. Kitchen &...
  8. Freebies
    Green Cleaning Products will send you a FREE full sized Green Cleaning Product just for registering for their enewsletter. This offer is available for a limited time only. Green Cleaning Products | Natural Green Home Cleaning | Newsletter Signup
  9. General Chat
    do you use it as an abrasive? something like comet? also what do you use for an antibacterial like washing down the vinegar a antibacterial? sorry for all the questions....just trying to figure out a budget etc... thanks1
  10. General Chat
    I have Merrilat oak cabinets, over the years the grease still builds up, I wash them regularly, but I am not satisfied with the results, does anyone have any ideas on what to use on the cabinets to get the buildup removed without harming the wood?
  11. General Chat
    I came home from work and let the girls out. While they were doing their business, I decided I would make myself lunch I got out my pickle jar, a 1/2 gallon of my bread and butter pickles from summer, my LAST jar.... dang it! I got them on my sandwich and when putting them away, I realized...
  12. DIY
    I have an old church pew that became mildewed while living in my basement during an undiscovered humidifier leak from the humidifier attached to the furnace. We had to move and I brought the pew, but haven't had time to do more than a cursory cleaning with lemon oil, What would be the best...
  13. Home Environment
    I keep my mop, broom, dustpan, up vacuum, swiffer, and shampooer in the storage room up stairs. The same is kept in the broom closet except for vacuum which sets were ever I stop using it. I have bathroom cleaners on top of both toliets. Furniture polish and feather duster in every bedroom and...
  14. General Chat
    Ever do that? LOL Use to be I could work all day long cleaning but now I need a break inbetween chores. Great opportunity to take a peek in at my favorite boards.
  15. Home Environment
    Ok, I waited too long to clean it. I took simple green in a spray bottle, and a scrub brush, sprayed and scrubbed, maybe a 4 foot area. then took the steam cleaner over it. Oh boy do I have areas that did not come clean.. I was going to buy some of the canned spray cleaner, and go over it...
  16. Frugal Living
    My elderly mother was staying with me the other day, and she wanted to help do something. So we emptied the pantry, and reorganized it. It was stuffed, and I just been fitting in can, jars, bottles, bags whereever I thought I could make something fit. We separated everything on the table and...
  17. Christmas
    Does anyone know of a good site/calendar for holiday cleaning/decluttering? TIA!
  18. Blog
    Repost: Cool weather reminds me of the things I need to do to get my home and family ready for the colder months ahead. Some simple preparation and prevention efforts now will save me money, hassle, and discomfort in the long run. Many of these items will cost some money up front, but they are...
1-18 of 366 Results