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  1. Sweeps and Online Contests
    I posted this on my blog but I thought if I posted it here you would be the right people to ask.I got a weird call today.Has anyone ever got a call from Publishers Clearing house and they didn't try and sell you anything, Just called to tell you that you made it to the last stage of the contest...
  2. Home and Family
    What Clutter Clearing Can Do For You By Stephanie Roberts You can get a pretty good idea of the benefits of clutter clearing simply by imaging your life free of all the negative effects of clutter: lack of focus and clarity; feelings of being professionally, creatively, spiritually, and/or...
  3. Home Environment
    1. Clean before you clear your clutter Dirt is different from clutter. Cleaning away the dust and grime first lets you see the clutter clearly, and stops the clearing from being such a dusty job. 2. Never attempt clutter clearing when you're angry Strong emotions get in the way of thinking...
1-3 of 3 Results