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    Interesting real time statistics on who is hungry, who is not & how much waste goes on this world ~ Stop the Hunger - world hunger statistics updated in real time
  2. General Chat
    I've come to the conclusion that we own the worst alarm clock ever. It's always faithfully in it's time keeping, never once failed to wake us up.....It's the alarm that is the problem. Every morning we are jarred from our sleep with the shrill cries of Ba Ba Black sheep. Not singing mind you...
  3. Question and Answer
    As strange as this we go... What's the best Eight O' Clock coffee flavor/variety? I know this is subjective, but, considering that I like the darkest/strongest roast, which do you think I'd prefer? The reason I ask? Publix often has the 12 oz. bags BOGO at $4.99. Using a...
  4. General Chat
    so how do you wake after a long restful (or not so restful) nights sleep....? do you need the 'shrill' of the alarm to come to...or are you one of those with a 'built-in timer' and just wake automatically the same time each morning..... are you a 'groggy' waker or do you hit the floor...
  5. Freebies (must have company name)
  6. General Chat
    with snow still on the ground!!!!!!!:confused: We are supposed to get a few more inches dumped on us tonight and tomorrow, :wall:and we already have several inches on the ground. So what are we supposed to do with that extra daylight time?:shrug2: Play ice hockey? LOL!
  7. General Chat
    I am going back to work after the birth of my DD and have been on bed rest since Feb. Tomorrow will be the first time in 5 months since I have used it. Do you have to use an alarm clock to wake by? Katy
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    My husband and me stopped in our local antiques mall yesterday and found the most beautiful burl wood wall clock. Ones this size roughly sell for 45-75 dollars. We picked it up for $3.50 the only thing wrong is it needs a new movement, which we happen to have a spare from an old broken clock...
  9. Careers
    If you use a time clock at your job what happens if you miss a punch? At my job if you miss four punches you are terminated. They just let someone go for missing 4 punches in about 4 months. Do you think this is "fair"? As I understand it is legal but is it good business practice? Just want...
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  11. General Chat
    He made this for me and I love it. It is on my living room wall.
  12. For Sale or Trade
    NIB - Dora the Explorer Clock $7.00, shipping included Takes one AA battery. I can send a picture via email. PM me before it's gone!:)
  13. Hobbies,1789,HGTV_3255_2811189,00.html
  14. Home Decorating
    Sorry about how dark the picture is but wanted to show a pic of my (really nothing special to look at) grandfather clock that was my Granny's. Sits next to that beautiful (not!) big screen.
  15. General Chat
    The battery died on our kitchen clock and it's making me nuts. I never realized how often I look at that clock for the time. It's been 7:15 for a couple of hours now. lol I can't believe I don't have a spare battery. ugh
  16. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    Here is a fun clock dh made. There is a mistake in it though. Can you see it? I just noticed it when I did the picture. He made this after his eye surgery. Although his eye hasn't improved anymore, its improved enough he can work in his workshop. I can't wait to show you the clock...
  17. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    He completed this clock just before eye surgery and we donated it to our oldest son's school for a fund raising project. Our son is purchasing the clock parts for it, thats why they aren't there. I'll post 3 pictures - front, side and back. All doors are on hinges and open and close. Its...
  18. Supplemental Income, Small Business
    We received another check in the mail today for another clock sold at the tourist camp where we have some craft items on consignment. Woo hoo I'm taking $10.00 out for a treat for us all and the rest goes into the emergency fund.
  19. For Sale or Trade
    This clock is made of oak and has a black background. If your interested, please pm me.
  20. For Sale or Trade
    This clock is made of oak. If your interested, please pm me.
1-20 of 26 Results