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  1. Home Environment
    Hall closets, linen closets, coat closets, broom closets, storage closets...all those storage areas scattered throughout the house. Who has a problem closet? Who has an awesome closet? Which ones need an organizational makeover? Which ones just need a good scrubbing? Share your closet...
  2. Home Environment
    I can't think of a much more inefficient use of space than a standard closet in a kid's room - a hanging rod that they can't reach, a shelf they can't reach, and a pile of space left over between their little clothes and the floor. In our previous houses our kids had either walk-ins or closets...
  3. Home Environment
    Big time. i pitched all clothes that were: too big, too small, ratty. I gave away everything that was not ratty to a friend that has sisters (they're all working moms) and they donate to their church. I unloaded 12 large garbage bags of clothes. I dumped a box of shoes. 8 more boxes went...
  4. Home Environment
  5. Home and family challenges
    This week declutter your linen and coat closets. I'm looking forward to doing mine. Lots to organize and purge over here. :)
  6. Home Environment
    Seeing as how our next spring fling is bathrooms, it made me wonder about your closets and bathroom storage space. Do you have a closet directly in your bathroom? Do you have a linen closet in a hallway, etc.? Do you have a medicine cabinet on the wall? We don't have any closets in any of...
  7. Simple Living
    Cleaning Out Our Closets There comes a time when we must clean out the closets of our life so that we may have room for items that will enhance our life. Let's search the closets of our lives and make a trip to the wastebasket. Throw away any hatred that may be lurking there and be sure...
  8. Home Environment
    Well I got up early this a.m and was on the computer. Decided I could go on the computer later. Cleaned out bedroom closets. I have two garbage bags full of clothes to give to St. Vicent de Paul's Moday. Had one full bag of garbage that I through out in the trash can. Real proud of myself...
  9. Home Environment
    I've deprived myself of the computer a bit and have actually gotten something great accomplished. For as long as I can remember, no matter where I've lived, I have always kept only the current seasons clothes in my closet and the others in a different closet (usually in the basement). Well...
  10. For Sale or Trade
    Need to get rid of alot of clothes that i have, i have some boys, womens and mens Clothes available. And i will sell them in Lots so i can get rid of them quicker. Let me know what sizes you are looking for. And the types of clothes, such as pants, shirts, dresses, skirts etc. [email protected]
  11. Home Decorating
    swing open doors or sliding doors? Almost all of the closets here have sliding doors. The kids both have walk in closets with swing out doors though. I'm finding that with all these sliding doors that I miss having the little extra organizers to hang on a swing out door and also am having a...
  12. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    containing clothing you don't wear or may never wear again? I used to have quite a bit of clothing taking up a lot of space. When we moved, I tossed out a lot and could probably toss out even more. I have a lot of baby clothes that I haven't sold, donated, or stored too. I don't own much...
  13. Home Environment
    We have 3 tiny closets in our home. Our home was built back in 1900 and they didn't use many closets in those days. I miss our closets we had in the city, not large - but at least large enough to hang our clothes in. How about you?
1-13 of 13 Results