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  1. Freebies
    Just got a sharp looking black necktie from for free + $2.50 for shipping. To get it, go to and just select a subscription of 1,3, or 6 months, then at checkout enter promo code: FREETIE. You can then just cancel before the end of the month so you wont get charged...
  2. Health and beauty
    Hi! I just wanted to ask how is your opinion about fashion and clothes? How much do you have, how often do you buy new (or used) stuff? The last item of clothing I bought was a pair of leggins about 3 years ago. About that time I noticed freefashionchallenge on the web: 365 without shopping...
  3. Question and Answer
    My DD is the queen of hand me downs, we never turn anything away. As a result, we are frankly overwhelmed with hand me downs, she has a coat for every day of the week, and boots to match. What does a kid really need and how much should we just pass on/sell/donate? Any advice about managing hand...
  4. Hot deals
    35% OFF + FREE SHIPPING on your first order at New Customers Only Use code: KPC35 Offer good through 6/30/13. Great deals on practically new name brand kids & womens clothing & accessories. Lots of items up to 80%--with this additional discount, you should be able to get the...
  5. General Chat
    I'm enjoying this really interesting book and it's sworn me off buying clothes for a while! It's worth checking out of the library, but not buying. The writing (and editing) is not super - but it's fascinating and a total page turner. Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion by...
  6. General Chat
    Living Well: 4 Secrets to a Well-Mended Wardrobe I came across the site on Pinterest and wanted to share.
  7. Frugal Living
    There are 3 people in our family...and this is an area we can work on...but not sure what to cap it at...we have 4 seasons...a very long 5 month winter...short summer(2 months)...would love to hear some honest answers...thanks so much! Janine
  8. General Chat
    Why do clothing makers think that if you are a plus size woman, you have arms (and need sleeves) down to your knees? I have seen this with anything from WM clothes to L L Bean clothes and beyond. I'd have to be 7' tall to use sleeves that are built into plus size tops!
  9. Stockpiling
    I'm new to the community, and wondering whether anyone stockpiles clothing. For example, you find your favorite jeans on sale and buy several pairs that you'll wear over the next few years. It's tough for me to find shoes, so when I find a pair that fits well, I'll buy a few. I guess it's...
  10. Laundry
    Right now I am in the process of changing out the seasonal clothing. I always like to wash my clothes before putting them away. Have read numerous times on this site to use vinegar in the washing machine to freshen and soften the clothing. Finally decided to do this. Really does help and so...
  11. Secondhand Shopping
    Hit the ARC thriftstore's 99cent sale on all shorts, t-shirts, and tank tops in the store. Found 16 items for my girls to wear next year for $16.00 and tax. Then a few days later a friend gave me a bag of clothing her mom had just outgrown. All either brand new or so close to it that nothing...
  12. Secondhand Shopping
    When we discovered that I am pregnant I must admit one of the first things I thought of was that I already got rid of all my maternity clothing. I hate spending much on clothing you barely wear, so I hit the thrift shops and started praying. Yesturday I scored! I found a pair of maternity...
  13. Green Living
    Compostable sneakers make a dirty fashion statement They have wildflower seeds sewn in the tongue. Too bad they aren't yet available outside of Europe. I would be looking into these in a heartbeat.
  14. Careers
    I'm hooked on the whole capsule wardrobe idea. I wasn't sure if I should post it here (as I use this method for my business wardrobe) or in general chat? Capsule clothing is pretty much a mix and match concept to stretch not only your dollar but your wardrobe by creatively mixing your core...
  15. Laundry
    I have always used Walmart's brand of liquid bleach for colors, in my white clothes. Have you looked @ the price recently?? I've tried using bleach--no matter how long I wait to add clothes (bleach 1st when filling tub) I bleach something out. So, this is what I did. I bought dry powder...
  16. Home Environment
    Does anybody here have any idea as to how many outfits a working mom should have? A good rule of thumb maybe? How many do you have...My family of four lives in under 1000 sq. feet. I have no closet (gave it to my kids) and am DROWNING in clothes....I would really appreciate your help :)
  17. Laundry
    My husband's new favourite blue sweater just ran all over my husband's old favourite red sweater. What's the best way (or is there a way) to get the blue out without destroying the red?
  18. Secondhand Shopping
    Sorry about the short notice, just found out about this 10 minutes ago: Women's Clothing Swap & Donation Drive Happening today. Join Goodwill and the Portsmouth Public Library for the First Annual Women's Clothing Swap! The Swap will be held at the Portsmouth Public Library, as part of the...
1-18 of 126 Results