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  1. For Sale or Trade
    willing to trade a coach purse for a real diamond engagement ring size 7.
  2. Freebies Full color, 92-page wire-bound book. Tackle the challenges of caregiving with this free football style "playbook" by Frank Broyles, Athletic Director of the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. The Playbook is an engaging...
  3. Freebies
  4. General Chat
    I am just sick about this and need to vent or get this off my chest. Last weekend my son was at a hockey tournament. They lost their first game and when they went in the dressing room their coaches freaked out and were yelling and swearing at them. Lots of f words being used among others...
  5. For Sale or Trade
    Both items are authentic... guaranteed. The Dooney - AUTHENTIC!! Color Sky Blue, Never used, retail value $55. Measures L 6.25 W 1.5 H 4 also has detachable wristband. Excellent condition, new with tags. Asking $40 includes shipping. The Coach - AUTHENTIC! I bought this a while back and never...
  6. For Sale or Trade
    <TABLE cellSpacing=28 cellPadding=0 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD vAlign=top> <TABLE style="BACKGROUND-ATTACHMENT: fixed; BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat; BACKGROUND-COLOR: white" width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD...
  7. Coupons
    Okay--don't laugh! But I feel like I need to "hire" a coupon coach to teach me how to do this. LOL :) I wish there was a number I could call and a nice lady would come on and walk me through how couponing works and what to do and what the "rules" are, and good trading sites, etc. I have lots...
1-7 of 7 Results