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    Just as a disclaimer, this is a public service announcement. I don't expect anyone to donate just because I'm posting this. I'm posting this for those that feel like they want to contribute in some way but aren't sure how. :) The first evacuees have landed in Seatac airport. I imagine that a...
  2. Freebies
    Shaw Treatment is offering a free Swahili Coast Face & Body Cleanser sample when you register to receive their newsletter Please use the following form to register to receive Shaw Treatment's newsletter. Just for registering we'll mail you a sample of our Swahili Coast Face & Body Cleanser...
  3. General Chat
    Batten down the hatches neighbors & dig out those snow blowers , shovels & plows. It's been raining a while here & supposed to start (8-10"?) snowing later this afternoon. Hubby still hasn't taken the mower deck off the tractor & put on the plow. Snow blower is in the back of the shed...I'm glad...
  4. South Pals
    Anyone? Born and raised here, well except for a 5 year period as a child we lived in GA. Other than that I am a Mississippi Magnolia. I am a sipping sweet tea on the front porch kinda gal......sweating my hiney off. :hot:
  5. General Chat
    Everyone on the east coast here getting ready for our first heat wave? My DD's wedding is Saturday and it's supposed to reach 92 degrees! I feel a little wilted already.
  6. General Chat
    Here on the Southeast coast, we are experiancing a low pressure front that is brewing offshore. It's windy (gusts in excess of 45 mph), cold, and my hubby just called me to ask if it was snowing. I ran to the back porch and it is! WooHoo!!! It won't last long, and it won't stick, but it's a...
  7. General Chat
    Well, we've had winds of 80-100km, last week we broke our november record for rain (record was 100mm for the month and last week we got that in 30 hours) and we got another 100mm today and more expected tomorrow and the next 3 days. The news had some amazing footage of trees falling, cars...
  8. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    The back page of the sale supplement has lots of FREE after rebate items good this week only. Use your coupons for GUM & Oral B toothbrushes to save even more. I love the Rite Aid rebate program. It is so easy to file online and so reliable.
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  10. Christmas
    :santa: Merry Christmas! :santa: I want to wish each and every one of my new found friends this year, a Wonderful and Joyous Holiday Season!
  11. Household notebooks and home manuals
1-11 of 11 Results