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  1. Secondhand Shopping
    I just found what appears to be a brand new Braetan Hooded Anorak coat, regularly $89.95, for $25 at my local Humane Society thrift store! My daughter, who's twenty, has been needing a new winter coat and I happened to spot it. While she was trying it on, another lady came over and suddenly...
  2. General Chat
    ......for $5.27 (including tax)!!!!!!!!!! I went to JCPenney this morning to look for a spring coat during their doorbuster sale and didn't find anything that I liked. Anyway, across the aisle was a very small selection of winter coats. I found a beautiful red Worthington wool coat - original...
  3. Sewing
    This is the 4th fleece jacket I've made. This one is for my 4-year-old granddaughter. I had already made the scarf and hat before I even bought the fleece for the jacket - and I didn't have the yarn with me to match - thank goodness it came out close. One more to go....
  4. Sewing
    still have 2 more to make... This one is for my 8-year-old granddaughter. I crocheted a red scarf and hat to go with this.
  5. Sewing
    This one is for my father. I still have 3 more to make - son-in-law and 2 granddaughters.
  6. Sewing
    ...for my daughter.
  7. Frugal Living
    I've had the same coat for around ten years now that I bought at Old Navy. It's just basic, simple, cute and black. I tell myself every year that I will buy a new one at the end of season but I never do. Probably because I'm not a coat person and will only wear one if it's like 20 degrees. :)...
  8. Secondhand Shopping
    I was at the SA today and I found a teal colored woman's LL Bean warm up jacket( it is a heavy one don't know why it's called a warm up jacket) looks new price was 6.00 and yes it looks very nice on me and is sooo warm and such a great price, gotta love second hand shopping.
  9. Question and Answer
    Does anyone have any ideas, tips or uses for extra wire coat hangers? I seem to have a lot of extra ones and I'm trying to find new uses for them.
  10. Secondhand Shopping
    I had to run a few errands this morning, and goal was not to spend any money. First stop was the recycle center, where I managed to gather up a nice handfull of coupon pages out of the paper bin. I fiqure free is for me :) Then I stopped at the Salvation Army center as I had a bag full of...
  11. Laundry
    I have a polartec fleece coat that got some candle wax dripped on it, which has hardened now. Is there a way to remove the wax from the fleece? Thx
  12. Home Environment
    I have a coat that I've had for about 6 years... It's not in perfect shape, but I'd like to try to wear it through another rough winter. One thing that bothers me is I can't get the "grimy" look off of the cuffs. It's a two-piece Columbia jacket (fleece liner and a shell). I've tried...
  13. News you can use
    Q&A: Will one coat of paint cut it for interior projects? We?re going to try to prep and paint two bedrooms in a long weekend. Any chance we can get away with only one coat of paint? Our latest testing of interior paints reveals that some finishes deliver better one-coat coverage than others...
  14. Kitchen Clones
    I have found a really nice recipe for KFC like spice blend but want to know how to coat the chicken so it's nice and crispy without frying the chicken. Any ideas anyone?
  15. For Sale or Trade
    This a brand new winter coat by Baby Gap. It is Pink on the outside and white on the inside. I am asking $15.00. Please email me for pictures if interested. Will except paypal, money orders or gift cards. Thanks
  16. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    Gripey and I were in Academy the other day, I needed some new workout shoes. Anyway I noticed that they had a lot coats on sale for 50% off. I have a hard time finding coat I really like and have never found one at a thrift store I wanted but I did find one on the sale rack there. It was...
  17. Home Environment
  18. Secondhand Shopping
    LOL! I found my red rubber garden shoes I have been looking for all summer. Well, of course I don't need them now, but at least I know where they are. I foudn a bunch of clothes I had left from a consignment sale and some of them Amanda can wear. There are a bunch of coats - I am calling a local...
  19. Home Environment
    Okay I am actually embarrassed to show you these pictures, but here is the coat closet before and after. Still needs some work - DH has a dinosaur computer in there that needs to go & he needs to organize his train boxes. But look! The coats are hanging and I found my garden shoes! LOL! I think...
  20. Secondhand Shopping
    pantry! with 5 shelves, now i have some place to store itms. hubby and db cut the shelves this weekend and put them in for me!
1-20 of 28 Results