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  1. Blog
    Today I give thanks for warm things. It is easy to complain about the cold, especially with temperatures so much colder than normal. The challenge is to focus on the positive, which is being happy for the warm things in my life. I am not one to deny bad things in my life. I am not going to...
  2. Freebies
  3. Laundry
    what temp do you use when you do laundry? I use cold for clothes but hot for sheets/towels. also use to make homemade with ivory/ws/b and occasionaly would toss in some oxy boost. so while looking for a gain clone (what I currently use) I've found an article from 2010 about the 'ingredients'...
  4. General Chat
    Well, it looks like the new year is bringing the cold weather. Starting Tuesday it will be in the 20's. Guess I should not be complaining since weather wise it has been pretty warm. Just not looking forward to the heater constantly coming on. Glad I purchase the light weight jackets to put...
  5. General Chat
    It wasn't pretty, but he's been smoke free for four days now. We had a MASSIVE argument the other night and well, that came out of it. He's been craving salt BIG time, but we're already seeing the benefits in our chequebooks. He was spending $25 every two or three days. Since he quit, he's...
  6. Utilities
    This may sound insane to some. But to save money on the gas part of our utility bill, I have resorted to taking cold showers in the morning. I know that if I lived anywhere else except humid South texas, I might not be so brave. The way that most houses are set up here, the water pipes are...
  7. Home Environment
    I keep seeing folks refer to cold storage. Here are the questions that I have: What exactly is it? What do you use it for? Where do you have this? Shed, Garage, Basement??? How long do things keep?
  8. Laundry
    Just starting to wash in cold water. I have a question. Can you safely put light load and dark load clothes in the same load if washing in cold water? Example jeans and dark dress pants and a white shirt all in the same load.
  9. General Chat
    A month ago I had a cold sore and someone told me to take lysine which I did. It really did help to heal my lips. Just recently I had some bumps on my lip and took lysine. Next day they were gone. So if you ever want to get rid of them especially when you first notice one take lysine. Don't...
  10. General Chat
    I am in a touque, two sweaters, jeans, my outter army pants (hand me downs) socks and slippers. I have my heat turned all the way upJust did this to see if it would the heaters would warm up at all) but still it is not getting warm in here or even comfy for the way I am dressed. If it doesn't...
  11. General Chat
    This is just tooooo funny..........and 'I heard' made it to one of our TV stations.........not sure which street this is on but if the electronics can't take it........what am I doing here? :laugh: We made the national TV!!!!
  12. Health and beauty
    I've had a stuffy noise, cough and sore throat for a week. I've gone through the Dayquil and Nyquil stash that I brought when I moved from the US. In Denmark, there's not a whole lot of over the counter stuff available. I had double pink eye over the weekend, which seems to have cleared up...
  13. General Chat
    Right now where I live it is 14 Farenheit or -10C hubby's car was a solid block this morning and it isn't going to get above freezing for the next 4 or 5 days:thud: The whole of Europe has been having record low temps and it has been -7 Farenheit in some places ( about -27 C) We have had more...
  14. Home Environment
    Winter is coming and I can feel my hibernation instinct coming with it. Does anyone else have trouble getting things done when it's cold? I find that in the winter I need really to push myself to do mundane tasks like laundry or housework - i always want to curl up somewhere instead. I do...
  15. Military Families
    With all of hubby's military and police gear, I am feeling as if we are being pushed out of our house! Hubby is NG and while they provided a storage locker in his armory, he doesn't feel comfortable leaving the items that he has signed for in his locker since it's a shared armory. In the...
  16. General Chat
    I really hate getting a cold during the summer. Sore throat, cough,just a blah feeling. Its so hot here and when your all stuffy. Makes it worse.:sigh::sleepy:
  17. Frugal Recipes, Leftovers, Budget Meals
    Now that summer's upon us, I am trying hard not to resort to the 'it's too hot to cook' cop out....but I fear my family will disappear if I keep whipping up variations of cold pasta salad/ chicken/tune salads! Any new ideas for make ahead/ cold dinners? Not looking for 'lunch' sandwiches and...
  18. Question and Answer
    It's been hot here. I'd like to make something for dinner that I don't need to cook at all. I have some ham I could use, but there my creativity ends. The ham will end up in pieces, so sandwiches won't work. We don't have mayonaisse, so salads won't work. Any ideas?
  19. Coupons
    $2 off coupon expires on July 31/10 It doesn't specifically say Canada Only on it but its from the Canadian website.
  20. Hobbies
    When is too much stash just too much? I'm a firm believer in having amusements and enjoyment in life, but my collection could be exhibit A of Excessive Stash. I have gradually cleared out some, but I still have too much. I've added a line to my signature for no spending on hobbies and things I...
1-20 of 159 Results