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  1. Leisure & Media Arts We are only JUST recovering form the Hayman fires two years ago, coupled with other fires we had around us then. And now heres one of four (I think) that we have burning now.
  2. Freebies
  3. General Chat I think these are the areas you were interested in - I still think for homesteading you might be more impressed with...
  4. For Sale or Trade
    Has cables and software. Works fine, I got a new one when I got my new computer. $25 + shipping. PM if interested.
  5. General Chat
    Mark, Jaysn's best friend, is heading home to Colorado Springs tonight. I'm going to miss that kid! He gave me the biggest hug and promised me that he would be back this summer since he did get a job with a farmer here! :yippee: He considers me his "second mom".:) I'm praying for a safe...
  6. General Chat
    Who's getting SNOW? :D
  7. General Chat
    Kimmee, DH and I have been thinking of moving to Colorado as one of our homestead options. This thought has been rolling though our heads for over 6 years, so it's isn't a new thought. I was just wondering how long you've lived in Colorado and what you like and don't like so much. I have been...
  8. Simple Living
    I love sky llines can you tell - the sun is setting here now at roughly 6:20 pm - goodbye summer!!
  9. General Chat
    West Nile Virus is bad here this year. It is scarey. Here's one of the stories from the local news:
  10. West Pals
    :yoyo: Where the weather is tempermental but the views are fabulous!!:yoyo: Anybody else out this way?
  11. West Pals
    Hi! Relocating to Colorado in November! Looking to correspond with other moms in the Denver area.
21-31 of 31 Results