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  1. Home Decorating
    Some of you may remember, but a friend of mine, who owns a painting company is wanting to expand to exteriors. As a demo, she wants to paint our house for free. Hubby and I are not agreeing over house colors. He wants white house, black shutters. I do not. Driving up and down our street...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    11 October 2010 Autumn Colors Trees are changing color. Winter is not far off.
  3. General Chat
    I am trying to pare my wardrobe down. And I'm trying to figure out clothes + occasions. Sometime, there will be a funeral to attend. So, would you consider a light-navy dress appropriate for a funeral? What if it turns out to be a funeral for a close relative? What colors would you...
  4. Needle Arts
    I got a new crochet pattern book today, 154 Wave Patterns. Happily half off. It has small sample swatches illustrating each pattern. WHO chooses the colors for these? A lot of them are nice patterns, if you can overlook the hideous colors. A bunch of them are white/grey purple/olive green. Not a...
  5. Homesteading and gardening
    Yay! I am so happy. :D Two of my tomatoes that came before all of the others are turning orange! Whee! I was so afraid that they wouldn't, but they are and it's so amazing. :)
  6. Home Decorating
    Okay, so onto the next color question :crackup: When we moved in, I painted our full bath an apricot color, thinking it would be cool and refreshing. Truth? It completely washes us out in the mirror and is not particularly attractive to look at. So, I'm wondering, what color would you...
  7. DIY
    So I am already planning for how I am going to repaint and decorate my new house:hubba: So I have decided to make the "family room" with the fireplace just off the kitchen into the dining room. I am so very excited I have not even had a dining room table in about oh...8 years:( So the fireplace...
  8. Home Decorating
    This is a really neat web site
  9. Needle Arts
    I want to make this afghan. I love it as a quilt and think it is gorgeous crocheted. However, the yarn they recommend is just way to much money. Here is the afghan. What colors do you think would look good? I don't have a "theme" I'm really going for. Help!! I am color stumped!
  10. General Chat
    Here in Finland atleast nine women out of ten hate the color pink. I don´t know why, maybe it is too feminine or something. I really like bubblegum pink. When my DS was a baby, he had some pink clothes, even some outware. When he went to school, he wanted a pink rucksack. I didn´t have the guts...
  11. Home Decorating
    As a spin-off from the wood or white thread (where I'm trying to decide what type of kitchen cabinets to go with) I've started wondering about colors that could be used on the walls with wood cabinets. Now with white---well anything goes but with wood tone??? I'd like your input. Obviously there...
  12. General Chat
    Is this color scheme new for the new year? I like it! What a great way to celebrate a fresh start :fdance:
  13. Coupons
    For anyone about to redecorate and wants to save a little green. Pm me your addy and I'll send this for the postage in return. Only have 1.
  14. Home Decorating
    I'm having a hard time choosing a color to paint my bathroom. I love the sage green color but I don't think it will go well with the hunter green countertops and the tile. I would love to hear what you suggest. The bathroom is fairly large and has a jacuzzi tub in there. I like a casual...
  15. DIY
    Using a photo of your room this site can show you how different colors will look before you paint.:)
  16. Pregnancy
    It seems that most mommies to be now a days are able to find out the sex of the baby with a better chance of it being correct than it was in years past. With that being said, do you buy things in colors for the supposed sex - you know blue for boys, pink for girls - or do you stick to the...
  17. Swaps
    UPDATE AT END!! CLOSED! September's SWAP: Colors of Fall September's Swap: COLORS OF FALL! ok ladies, september's swap will be colors of fall! we will keep the limit at around $10.:) example items might be: harvest colored napkins or tablecloth, maybe even a copper colored cookie cutter...
  18. Hobbies
    Saw this on another site: RIT dye will make custom colors for FREE, send a swatch to them If you have a special color you would like matched, send us a color swatch and a swatch of the fabric you plan to dye, we'll be happy to create a color recipe just for...
  19. Home and Family
    Colors play an important part in your Home Decor process. Colors are what give life and personality to your room. Here are some quickies to keep in mind when deciding over colors. 1. If you are using many colors in one single room, make sure you use a color at least three times in the same...
  20. Health and beauty
    I haven't tried this yet, but have heard it's good. I use creme shadows that I really love and am thinking roller colors would be nice to try too. It got decent reviews on epinions:
1-20 of 29 Results