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  2. Family
    I am expectng my 4rth and he will be in cloth diapers. However, I am interested in elimination communication. Has anyone here used it successfully? What would you recommend?
  3. Home and Family
    Marital Communication: Influencing and Persuading Your Spouse By: Shelle Rose Charvet Why does my husband always disagree? Why does my wife put my ideas down? One of the most irritating aspects of life as a united couple is trying to convince your spouse when they take a Macho attitude. Wives...
  4. Family
    anyone aware of this ? i just joined a yahoo group which encourages EC it tells u how to learn to respond to the babies needs to eliminate (pee or poop) anyone can start it with babies as early as 2 weeks old. mine is 4month old boy and we started doing this since 2 weeks when he cries i give...
  5. Bright Horizons
    Have anyone used a communication board before with their child. If so, how successful was it? How old was your child when they first started using it? Was it something your child picked up really quickly on or did they get frustrated?
  6. Bright Horizons
    A catalog came across my desk today that is full of communication aids, cards etc., thought you ladies might be interested: Crestwood Communication Aids Inc. , web site is had some nice ideas and prices were much more reasonable then other places.
1-6 of 6 Results