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  1. Sewing
    I made this dress for my granddaughter's First Communion ceremony. It was challenging - 4 layers (lining, petticoat, dress, and sheer overdress). It took hours and hours. But in the end, I'm very proud of it. It actually looks better in person. The camera made it look a lot shinier than it...
  2. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    My son is having his First Communion on 5/2/09...any frugal ideas for the party (friend making the cake and invitations) any ideas for food etc? Thank you.
  3. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions;_ylt=Ai2ZkRpnEz0h3G9H5t22eF6s0NUE A South Carolina Catholic Priest has told his parishoners that if they voted for Obama... well, read for yourself. I'm pretty appalled, myself.
  4. General Chat
    :mdance:I am so excited! Now I can breathe a little easier and not run around in a panic around January :lol: Now I just have to find the accessories :thud:
  5. General Chat
    DD's school calendar was mailed to me the other day and on it was the date for her First Communion. I knew this day would come eventually, and I was actually excited thinking about buying her dress... And then I looked at the prices of them :thud: Every site I went to had said the same...
  6. General Chat
    I need some info about what he has to wear to first communion.Does it have to be a suit with jacket?is tie and shirt enough?what colour?black ,blue.grey?Help Thanks
1-6 of 6 Results