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  1. General Chat
    Our old clunker called it quits. So we had the little lap top we won last year (with your help)... and then it was stolen from my daughters car (her deductable is $ it wouldn't cover the little notebook). So we have a new one (yes on credit, but computors seem so essential these...
  2. Question and Answer
    If you can help me out I will kiss your feet and send you cupcakes. :D I will try to explain as clear as I can. I few months ago I hit something on my keyboard in the dark. It changed the size of the letters, icons, and everything is bigger and won't fit into my screen. I have to always scoll...
  3. General Chat
    they just checked the computer contest we are trying to win and we have 132 votes and made to page 2 of the popular vote!!!!! Thank-you everyone who have been voting for us!! So now they are very hopeful, please keep voting.... we are on P.2 of the Popular button list our name is LG CYBER...
1-3 of 3 Results