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  1. DIY
    so I think I'm going to attempt to fix my concrete patio. I have extensive water damage on the outside wall of my patio, just cosmetic, not structural, and several large pieces are cracked and have fallen out leaving a huge hole. Everyone I mention it to says just buy a bag of concrete, slap...
  2. Simple Living
    I have been looking at the "stressors" in my life. Debt - We are working at paying down our debt and we are not incurring new debt at this time. Having a plan in place makes life much less stressful. Mail/Paper/Email - Having piles of paperwork and whatnot around is very stressful. I am...
  3. Freebies
    Free 4 oz Sample of Concrete Sealer - Seal Green SealGreen Concrete Sealer with SDT (Salt Defense Technology) - Free Sample
  4. Just Tips
    Does anyone know the best and easiest way to clean an indoor concrete wall? A pressure washer would be awesome, but since it's indoors..too much collateral damage from the water to the flooring. I've got a big sponge and cleaner (muriatic acid) but it's taking ages to do even a small section...
  5. Home Decorating
    Has anyone painted their concrete floors? I'm thinking of doing this in DS10's room. He has carpet, and I was thinking I could pull that up, and paint the floor a neutral color and decorate with his same rug. The carpet is nasty because he was a very sick child and threw up a lot when he was...
  6. DIY
    Has anyone every seen the stained concrete floors they're using homes? My BF just moved into a new home and some of the floors are stained with a glossy finish. They're really pretty. My question is, could this be a DIY project? I'd like to do DS's room.
  7. DIY
    We're thinking of staining our concrete slab. Anyone have advice or experience with this?? Thanks, Becky
  8. Home Environment
    Like a basement, or converted porch? Our living room is a converted front porch that tends to get water seeping under the door. As a result, the carpet is moldy - YUCK! I am hoping to pull up the carpet and somehow paint the floor so that if any more water comes up, it won't be as big of a...
1-8 of 8 Results