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  1. Education
    I had company last evening. An ESL teacher for a post-secondary institution. He was curious about how we homeschooled our girls. My girls are now 26 and 24. I showed him some scrapbooks I'd made of their learning and he was blown away! He wants me to come give a workshop on scrapbooking...
  2. General Chat
    on her new found non-spending habits. She told me this morning that her group of friends invited her to go along to a sit-down restaraunt. She said ya, but I'm not spending money right now, so I'll just hang out and have a water. So they all met after work at this place and everyone ordered but...
  3. General Chat
    I put my oldest sons pic in the gallery!!! Confirmation. It was Thursday nite!!! He's so handsome ans looks older with the suit on. Just had to share!!!:smball:
  4. General Chat
    Ladies, Isn't life grand? Just when I need my printer most (to make flyers and business cards) my printer died. ( I as so upset--I was questioning whether I should try to start this business up.) DH and I went to find a new one last night. We got it home and Dh installed it. I've come to...
1-4 of 4 Results