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  1. Homesteading and gardening
    I want to grow some collard green plants in containers. I have some ready to transplant. Any suggestions before I begin? This will be my 1st time. I am putting them in the containers that I grew potatoes in this past spring and summer.
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    I have several containers that I grew potatoes in. I had a good harvest and all the potatoes have been eaten. I am not sure If I will be planting more potatoes this year or not. I have collards ready to transplant. I was wondering if I could use the same soil that is in the container to plant...
  3. Question and Answer
    What types of storage containers do you all use for things like dry mixes, cereals, grains, beans, rice ? I read that certain containers, like mayo jars etc are not good because they may not seal tight. Dont have a lot of money in the budget to spend on expensive container systems.
  4. Just Tips
    I recently sent an email to everyone at our school looking for donations of coffee containers - cans and plastic!! I've decided use them throughout this school year for any and all projects that I can think of. This week the children decorated the large cans to create drums - they turned out...
  5. Stockpiling
    how many pounds of grain can you store in one 5 gallon bucket?
  6. Home Environment
    I have a cupboard that goes deep into a corner where I just throw them in and quickly shut the door :lol: Anyone have a better system?
  7. Home Environment
    Do they make metal storage containers similar in size and purpose to rubbermaid totes? Air tight lids, stackable? Rodents can chew through plastic, I would feel better if I had metal storage for my flour and such.
  8. Just Tips
    I'm looking for ideas that would let me re purpose some large plastic laundry detergent containers. These have the bubble push spout on them. I tried thinning my homemade detergent but it didn't flow well from the spout. :( Any ideas on how to reuse these before they go to the recycle bin?
  9. Question and Answer
    I buy my ketchup in the club pack. I do this with every other condiment that is sold in both the club pack and regular size. I did the math and the club pack is extremely cheap, compared to the regular size. It also helps save the environment because it's less plastic being sold and put into...
  10. Just Tips
    or syrup containers? I reuse the dish liquid containers in the tub for the kids and the kiddie pool. Any other ideas?
  11. Question and Answer
    Anybody have a good idea for labeling freezer containers? I have tried markers and freezer tape. Both come off. I could just put everything together but that would work til someone rooted in the freezer.TIA
  12. Just Tips
    The plastic razor blade covers that contain 10 disposable razor blades when empty make great bar soap dishes! I never have enough of the soap dishes that drain (I don't like the plate types) and I "discovered" this by accident! Silly and simple, but it works!
  13. Green Living
    When we go inside at a fast food restaurant and eat, I have started going through all the containers too see what I could bring home and throw in our recycle bin. I'm not really sure why I do it, but I guess I'm just in the mindset of recycling and it doesn't end when I leave the house. I'm...
  14. Home Environment
    When using organizing containers in your home, what type do you prefer? Wicker baskets? Plastic containers? Metal containers? Everyone has a different system that both works for them and that they like the look of. What works best in your home? In our playroom, I use plastic, see through...
  15. Home and family challenges
    Just wanted to let you all know that at CVS, they have plastic containers and baskets on clearance. All CVS's are different, I have been to three and 1 of them they are 25% off, one of them is 50% off and one store has them 75% off. I got a 3 basket set for $2.50 and am going to go back for...
  16. Christmas This is so cute. I don't drink this coffee but I'm going ask people who do drink it to give me their containers.
  17. Just Tips
    I save the large plastic containers with lids that ice cream comes in. When empty I wash them and freeze water (leave room to expand) in them in my freezer. They are easy to stack in the freezer. I always have extra ice that can be broken up when unexpected guest show up. Also can use in ice...
  18. Just Tips
    This time of year, we eat a lot of strawberries. I usually toss the container that they come in, but I was wondering if you toss them or use them for something else.
  19. General Chat
    I want to store my bacon grease in a jar with one of those lockable lids, with the sealing ring around it. Figured it would keep it fresher than if it was just put in a can. I know to start, I can cool down the grease until its liquid but still warm, then put a knife or something in the jar...
1-20 of 34 Results