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  1. Sweeps and Online Contests
    Wanted to share these with you - both are USA only. Win A $100 Amazon Gift Card [exp/ 4/18] Win A $200 Target Gift Card [exp. 4/30]
  2. General Chat
    Just curious if any of you entered the contest. It is still open to enter. The official weigh in is free at WW. I'm not doing WW at this point but am going to take advantage of the free first meeting and no fees to join. I plan to stop in occasionally and pay by the time to weigh. I about fell...
  3. Pets
    He has 8 likes and is in second place right now! They reset the tally to zero when they picked the finalists, so if I can bug you all one more time to click on him and "like" him, it would be very cool if he won! Contest ends at midnight (EST) tonight! Log In | Facebook
  4. General Chat
    Hey FV'ers! Good news! I'm in the HR field, a student, and a member of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). Well, I got this email the other day from SHRM about an essay contest for students and the GRAND prize is $20K in CASH!! I am SO excited and when I win (notice I say...
  5. General Chat
    Charlie’s Soap Contest | Frugal Village
  6. Sweeps and Online Contests
    I would love to win the bissell steam and sweep contest always wanted one.
  7. General Chat
    Details and to enter on my blog: BISSELL Steam & Sweep contest | Frugal Village
  8. General Chat
    Details: KRAFT HOMESTYLE Macaroni & Cheese Dinner contest | Frugal Village
  9. General Chat
    Must be a part of America’s service people (Police, Military, Veterans, Firefighters, Teachers, and Hospital Staff) to enter the contest. Click the link below for additional details. Sears Salute to Heroes Sale and Contest Giveaway | Frugal Village
  10. General Chat
    nuisance26 is due any day now so this is short notice. Whoever guesses the closest delivery date and time will get 5000 Juju. Reply to this thread only. When she posts the date and time, I'll award the winner. Good luck. on edit.. if you guess a time that has already been guessed, obviously...
  11. General Chat
    Enter our latest contest. Details to enter: Savvycents wallet contest | Frugal Village Can be used for envelope system of budgeting or for coupons.
  12. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
    It's me!!! Woohoo!! :cheer4: :cheer4:
  13. General Chat
    Banquet Fruit Pies Contest | Frugal Village
1-13 of 311 Results