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  1. Crockpot
    ~I'm wondering if there are any inserts or accessories that can be used in a crock-pot besides cooking bags and the baking insert? I have the baking insert and it works great! I'm specifically interested in reusable replacements for aluminum foil balls and strips for lifting roasts and loaves...
  2. Homesteading and gardening
    18 April 2012 Pressure Cooker 18 April 2012 Pressure Cooker Pressure cookers have got a bad name, since when cooking items like peas and beans the rocker hole can get plugged from small particles like skins bubbling up blocking the exit, pressure builds up and the safety valve blows and scares...
  3. Homesteading and gardening
    10 November 2008 Pressure Cooker 10 November 2008 Pressure Cooker The pressure cooker, one of my most useful tools in the kitchen. I always use an insert to have steam cooking. The product being cooked doesn't touch the water.
  4. OAMC, Homecanning, Freezing, and Preserving
    I ordered an Electric pressure cooker. Does anyone have one? Any ideas of what is great to cook in one? I have wanted one for a few years then ran into a good deal yesterday and have forgotten what I was going to cook in it. *that should have been a hint that I don't need it*
  5. Crockpot Recipes
    Slow Cooker Beef Tips and Gravy Recipe DescriptionTender chunks of beef or deer in a seasoned brown gravy, yummy over rice or noodles. Preparation Steps:Spray your slow cooker with nonstick spray before adding ingredients. You may need to trim some fat from your stew meat, so...
  6. Kitchen Basics
    I have been wanting a pressure cooker for a couple years. They are very pricey here. This weekend friends were having a garage sale and they had an almost new pressure cooker for $10. I got it for $5. They never had an instruction book, so they didn't have success. Anyone have some tips? It's a...
  7. Pressure cooker
    I just bought an electric pressure cooker and it arrived yesterday. Yes I still have one from the 70's that goes on top of the stove that I barely used Hoping this is a good move. now I need a cookbook. So I need to print of some recipes I guess and put one together. I have nothing in the...
  8. Freebies
    Amazon is offering a free download of the Gooseberry Patch 25 Slow Cooker recipes cookbook right now. You can also get three other Gooseberry Patch cookbooks for free. Please note that the price is currently $0.00, but that could change at any time. Be sure to check the price before checking...
  9. Kitchen Basics
    Thanks to a fellow FV poster I was drooling over Alton Brown’s Overnight Oatmeal and stumbled onto the next recipe…Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge Rice Cooker Recipe (rice cooker overnight soak and 1 hr cook time in AM). I don’t own a rice cooker and was wondering what peeps thoughts were if I...
  10. Kitchen Basics
    We have a Zojirushi fuzzy logic type cooker and looking online for info on how to cook the oats in rice cookers vary all over the place. Website has 4:1 ratio on porridge settings other places tell you 3:1 on white rice or porridge setting and a few other ideas. What do you do? Do you rinse your...
  11. Pressure cooker
    I heard somewhere that you can actually cook a whole pumpkin or squash in the pressure cooker. I want to do this. But I can not find the details (time and #)of using the pressure cooker. Does anyone know how long to let it pressure cook and at what pressure?
  12. Hot deals
    If anyone is interested JC Penney has a Philippe Richard 8 qt pressure cooker for $19.88 after $10 rebate. The sale starts October 13, 2010. I have one of their large 6 qt cooking pans and it is kind of heavy. I also have their smaller pressure cooker pan and it is not. For those of you that...
  13. Crockpot Recipes
    Slow cooker Roast with veggies and gravy Recipe DescriptionSuper tasty one pot meal that stretches your food dollars-makes plenty for 'planned overs' or another quick meal. Preparation Steps:-Rinse roast and pat dry. -Sprinkle roast with seasonings. -Rinse and dry vegetables...
  14. Crockpot
    Does anyone have lighter recipes for the slow cooker that will work well with the warm weather we're starting to get? A lot of the recipes I have are a bit heavy (thick sauces, starchy, etc), but I'm still hoping to be able to use this timesaver! TIA!
  15. Secondhand Shopping
    I love it when I find something I've REALLY wanted but didn't want to pay full price for. Patience is the name of the game. I haven't made a thrift store run in several months, but at Goodwill I found a NEW, still in the box, Tiger Thermal Cooker...
  16. Thrifty meals
    rice cooker chicken and rice Recipe Descriptiona happy experiment Preparation Steps: Level of Difficulty:Easy Time Needed: Ingredients:can of chicken breast with the juice rice correct amount of water chopped celery chopped carrot salt spices on hand were...
  17. Calculations and Alternatives
    I have seen many mentions of pressure cookers under various forum topics. I had always been told they were dangerous. What makes pressure cookers better then regular cooking?
  18. Pressure cooker
    DH got a pressure cooker for Christmas. Do you have any favorite recipes for the pressure cooker? Any thing special you would use the pressure cooker for? I would really appreciate any and all suggestions! mahalo plenty!!
  19. Question and Answer
    I'm considering getting (or making) both. I'd be interested in your expereince(s) with these. I am thinking about having these in house as a part of our winter emergency kit. I need nonconventional ways to cook. When we have no power we have a woodstove and the propane stove to cook on, but...
  20. Appliances
    Superstore has a rice cooker for sale this week. I bought rice last week that needs a rice cooker to cook in in order for it to be good. Has anyone bought a rice cooker and found it to be a really good investment? The rice cooker I'm eyeing is $40. I'd be pulling the $40 from my Slush Fund.
1-20 of 58 Results