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  1. Cast Iron cooking
    I bought a pre-seasoned Logic 12" cast iron pan a few months ago -- and while it work decent for most things, I wanted the slick non-stick surface I heard others talk about in regards to their cast iron pans, plus my pan started sticking more and more it seemed, so I decided to try the Flaxseed...
  2. Just Tips
    My boyfriend and I have been using non stick Farberware pots and pans for about 7 years now. The largest pan (10 inch) starting to flake off a few months ago and we stopped using it and got a 12 inch Kitchenaid pan. The rest of the pans are in pretty good shape but we decided a few days ago to...
  3. Question and Answer
    I know a person who is selling 3 wagner cast iron skillets and a dutch oven for $100, is this a deal skillets is an 8", 6" and a 10" plus the dutch oven with a lid.. Spirit Deer I would also love your comments along with everyone else.
  4. Freebies
    Everyone who creates an account in "My Recipes" will receive a free recipe box with index cards and recipes to get you started
  5. Green Living
    ~Does anyone have any ideas for a second use for a largish saucepan with a chipping non-stick finish? I've been trying to think of something to keep it from the garbage but I stumped......~
  6. Drugstore & Grocery Store Deals/Product Reviews
    ok i thought i could ask ya'll for your opinions on this as well. :) i'm looking at replacing my teflon scratched up cookware with stainless steel. i know lotsa ppl recommend cast iron - but that's not reasonable for me to use at this time... (unless there's a great reason to). so i was out...
  7. Kitchen Basics
    Is anyone familiar with this line of stainless cookware? I saw a couple of pieces in a local store, but have never heard of it. I'm not having any luck finding any info online either. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  8. Food Articles
    That's right, every kitchen needs CAST IRON COOKWARE; at least a couple of pieces, because...If you want cookware with the original non-stick cooking surface, that will outlast what you commonly find today called non-stick, then you need to start a lifelong rewarding affair with that...
  9. Kitchen Basics
    I don't own expensive cookware. I have Revere Ware pots and Wearever fry pans/skillets. I also have a Princess House collection of pans that I have had from years from back when I sold it. The Princess house pots are good because they can be used in fridge, stovetop, oven, and microwave, but...
1-9 of 9 Results