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  1. General Chat
    I purchased my last couch and chair from Goodwill for a total of $20. I had kept it for 4 years and between me and my cat we had pretty much destroyed the old thing. When I moved at the end of August I threw away the couch and kept the chair simply because I had to have something until I could...
  2. Relationships
    I don't even know where to begin. I'm afraid this has turned out to be a four year mistake. I never wanted my children to have divorced parents because mine were and it almost ruined me. Why didn't I listen to my gut 4 years ago?!
  3. Frugal Living
    ok so i'm pretty proud of myself at the moment! see we have a hand-me-down couch that we got from a gf of mine about 5 years ago. Ikea jobbie with the washable covers - which over time loss their shape and luster and truthfully just look like holy he!!. plus we have a couple of dogs and they...
  4. Home Environment
    I have a 12 yro couch that needs cleaned terribly...we have dogs and its really starting to get that doggy smell....I don't have a shampooer, and don't want to rent one....does anyone have a recipe or anything that could help me? I wondered about Oxyclean, but it is a navy blue, burgundy , and...
  5. Home Environment
    We recently received a white couch and loveseat free from a couple. I love them as the cushion and pillow covers easily come off to be washed. But the couch and loveseat itself is pretty stained up. I need some advice on how to get this clean????????? I'm considering setting them out in the sun...
  6. Home Decorating
    Well after much deliberation on a couch we decided on a beige microfiber one last night. After talking to the salesmen at various places and getting input from people that have microfiber (including some helpful villagers :applause:), the microfiber one makes the most sense. I've attached a...
  7. General Chat
    Last night, I went to hear Jeff Yeager the ultimate cheapskate. He was fun and most of what he talked about I have learned through the village. I was surprised how he gets around in his travels by couch surfing. Couch surfing is where you connect with other people and sleep on their couch. I was...
  8. Home Decorating
    I bought my couch 6 yrs. ago (one of the few things I have ever bought new). The cushions are filled with what looks like layers of batting. Over the years, the cushions seem lower, and not as comfy. My tush has been complaining for quite some time!! I even added a board underneath the...
  9. Pets
    One of our two cats has been intermittently peeing on our couch. It's a second hand futon ($40) so that's not a huge deal. We think it is Ivan, out 7yo male Maine **** Cat (type). After doing a bit of research online, we decided to have a vet look at him first, which we did this morning...
  10. Freebies
    all cleaned up.
  11. Home Environment
    We just received a couch and loveseat from some friends but it is off white and a bit stained up. I used my Bissell floor cleaner to clean it up with Oxiclean and water, but I still have some stains on it. Any suggestions on how to get this out?
  12. Home Decorating
    Anyone ever do this? I have seen it somewhere, where you just strip it down to the wooden frame, add some plywood to make a seat and back, and paint and add pillows. Seems one I saw used lattice for the back. They used the old couch seat cushions, recovered of course, for the seat. Can't...
  13. General Chat
    Cleaning day here and woohoo, someone left me a tip in the couch. 36¢ Ca-ching! :cheer4: Also found a few crumbs, not too exciting.;) What's in your couch?
  14. Home Decorating
    I have my eyes on a couch that is blue denim that has washable cushion covers. Does anyone have one? I'm wondering how it wears over time.
  15. Success Stories
    Got back taxes yesterday, couch paid off in full $1900. wahooooooooooooo it was no int/ no payments for 1 year.:cheergrl:
  16. Sewing
  17. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions I hope it is ok to post this! Is this a good deal? We have no furniture (long story-frugality) and Hubby would really love this - he works so hard too. We both are getting raises this month, new union contract went through. Retroactive pay too...
  18. Health and beauty
  19. Home Environment
    Yes I do, especially with 3 kids in our home.
  20. Secondhand Shopping
    For the past year or so I have been trying to find a frugal way to recover my leather couch. I DO NOT want to pay for a new couch. So, as I have been browsing the fabric stores and finally decided to cover the back and seat cusions with unbleached muslin. At the time it was .99 a yard and I...
1-20 of 25 Results