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  1. General Chat
    Hi everybody welcome to the countdown game In this game we will start the countdown with a number each player will post the number before it until we reach zero the next player after zero will choose the number for next countdown P.S max number 1000 Rules No double accounts No spamming...
  2. Home and family challenges
    Okay, people, only 30 days to go before your house has to be "Better Homes and Gardens" ready for friends and family!! The challenge is to do ONE thing a day that advances your home toward receiving guests. It might be wiping down the baseboards, dusting the stair banister, hauling down the...
  3. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    ~We're paying off our mortgage and would like to put up a countdown of some sort. My first thought was a paper chain which I think will look too messy and be too tempting for the kids to tamper with. Another idea would be to take pictures of the house, arrange them into a scrapbook page and...
  4. Pregnancy
    So, there have been some issues with this pregnancy, and at one point, we thought I'd go in January, but it looks like we're in it for the long haul, over here! If so, after this coming Tuesday, I only have two more weeks before the baby arrives! I can't believe it! I cannot wait to meet the...
  5. Camping, RV's, Trailers, Outdoor Living
    1:30am Saturday (a tongue-in-cheek account) Dear Villagers, I write this in the event I am eaten by a bear while on my family vacation to the White Mountains of NH. As of this writing I have the list of clothes I want to take with me, just waiting for normal hours to go in to the laundry...
  6. Christmas
    Ok folks! Christmas is just a couple days shy of being 6 months away!!! Are you starting your countdown? I have already requested lists from my family members (although I realize I probably won't get them until September at the earliest!) and I'm starting to save jars, boxes and basket I find...
  7. Freebies
    Amazon is offering a free “The Best of Countdown Kids” MP3 album download. This offer is available internationally, for a limited time. Best Of Countdown Kids Sampler: Countdown Kids: MP3 Downloads
  8. Debt Reduction & Money Management
    Ok. so we won't have really paid it all off. We're refinancing and putting it into the mortgage. We are playing it safe with the economy. We'll have an extra $1300 a month we're not paying out. YEAH! THAT will be our savings contribution to build our EF. Once THAT hits our EF goal, we'll be...
  9. Christmas
    Just so we'll all be ready......... :tree: This is a link to how many more days are left until Christmas. :thud:
  10. General Chat
    Well, it's January - finally - and my hubby should be on his way back home from Kuwait on Jan 31. ((never trust the military to keep to a schedule though)) I'm so excited I could pop! I think it's finally close enough that it's not too depressing to count down - It's been a really LONG...
  11. Holidays-Special Occasions-Celebrations
  12. Utilities
    I'm taking my modem back to the cable company Friday. I just can't justify $45 a month for pure entertainment. I waste too much time online. I sure am going to miss it tho!!!
  13. Christmas Starting December 1st. <a href=""><img border="0" src=""></a>
  14. Christmas
    christian countdown Santa's beard. Very cute. I make the second one each year. I have a bell cutout and add paper chains. My kids really enjoy it...
  15. Pregnancy
    Only 18 days to go! Woo hoo. I am getting super excited, it won't be long now. The kids are getting excited too now as they can feel him in my belly moving around, makes it all more "real" to them. I only have two dr's appointments between now and the big day. I am almost giddy with excitement...
  16. General Chat
    The New Year 2005 Countdown reveals the days, hours and minutes left in 2004 worldwide. Choose the country, and a nifty countdown tool clocks the big event. Play it right, and your New Years Eve celebration could last 24 hours! TO VISIT THIS SITE, GO HERE...
  17. Christmas,,195740_544130,00.html
  18. Vacations and Travel
    I am leaving on my vacation to see Lori and family as well as my daughter and family in 11 DAYS! I am so excited! My grandson  Eddie is counting backwards and calls me everyday. This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime. I have never been away from home for that long and my son Shane (13)...
  19. General Chat
    Okay ladies I am on the final countdown for my treatments. Only 7 more to go! :yippee: :fdance: :mdance:
1-19 of 26 Results