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  1. General Chat
    I got it today...and decided to try it out...the front loader washers use 10-24 gallons of water per load...vs. a top loader washer and 40 gallons per load...This Panda washer uses 6 gallons...3 for washing and 3 for rinse...there is no spin cycle...but when washing only 5.5 lbs of...
  2. Question and Answer
    Two years ago my mom and sister bought me a bathroom vanity for my 20th wedding anniversary. It has a granite countertop. Are there any homemade cleaners that will not pit the granite? What works best for you?
  3. Home Decorating
    Did you know that you can paint a laminate countertop? My mother suggested it as an alternative when I told her that a new countertop wasn't in this year's budget. She had a friend who did it and it worked. I've looked up the instructions and you paint it with oil based paint then coat with...
  4. Question and Answer
    I set my daughter's painting on the counter yesterday and the paint soaked through. It's just washable tempura, but it was red and I can't get it off. I don't know what the counter is made of, whatever cheap counters from the seventies are. It's light coloured so everything shows up on it...
  5. Frugal Living
    I am shopping for a countertop water purifier. Berkey and Doulton are popular brands. What brand and model do you recommend? I only need about one gallon per day. I need it to filter out flouride and chlorine. Thanks for any replies.
  6. Appliances
    More than likely, you have a couple kitchen countertop appliances, maybe more. Crock pots, mixers, blenders, food processors, bread machines, electric skillets, roaster ovens, waffle irons, griddles, can openers, food dehydrators, fry daddys, ice cream makers, yogurt makers, seal a meal...
  7. Just Tips
    i have a few countertops grease embedded (ie you can feel it when you run your fingers over-yuk) that need big time cleaning would love some tips to blast out a good layer or two of this yuck! :( btw they are formica tops or similar thanks sami
  8. Home Decorating
    I'll be doing a faux granite technique and will definitely be doing before, during and after pics. It's gonna be a big job b/c we're gonna do the backsplash to match. I'm trying to gather my thoughts on the subject...:lol: I've started here...
  9. Home Environment
    Very little. Much of my bread making and baking has to be done on my kitchen table because I just don't have enough countertop space.
  10. Rebates, Refunds, Forms, etc
  11. Home Environment
    Any ideas on how to get it off? I've tried scrubbing it a couple of times with vinegar and water, then tried baking soda...none are really working. I will try the baking soda again since Sara found something for me that said to try it a second time. In the meantime--any ideas of what to do? My...
  12. Just Tips
    Kitchen countertop stains paste of borax and lemon juice
1-12 of 12 Results