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  1. Home Environment
    I don't get it. Almost every time I watch House Hunters, this is brought up... Like OMG, the rooms and closets are perfect..but the kitchen doesn't have granite will I ever function in the kitchen? :skept: Someone fill me in. :laugh:
  2. Question and Answer
    (formica/laminate tops) is it safe? i have alot of buildup and regular cleaners arent cutting it (409 etc) i am sure it would take the buildup off but would it hurt the countertops? and/or any other way to remove the grease? thanks! bloo
  3. General Chat
    The house didn't sell this summer/autumn, so we have taken it off the market. Don't know if we will try again in the spring or not. Meanwhile, we are thinking about replacing some flooring and our kitchen countertops. It will probably add to the value, but it is also something we have been...
  4. General Chat
    Last week we started putting new cabinets into the kitchen, nothing special, just needed to make it more functional. Problem is now I need to find countertops. I love the look of the recycled glass, but it's pricey and I think it will be "too much" for this simple little kitchen. I like the look...
  5. Drawing, Painting
    I'm thinking about doing decoupage to my countertops ( see the picture of a sample of what that looks like in my gallery) but concerned about the chemicals in the polyurathane clear top coat and posiioning myself with chemicals. do you think its safe to use polyurethane clear coat on countertops...
  6. Home Decorating
    O.K., countertops are way out of my budget, so I'm trying to figure out a way to redo mine cheap! cheap! cheap! I remember seeing something on HGTV, I think it was Decorating Cents, where they put grout on the counters and sanded it down to make it look like concrete. I was thinking more...
  7. Home Decorating
    :laugh: Our kitchen would cost about $5000 to put them in. Ssoooooo I think I've finally won Gripey over to my way of thinking. I'm gonna do a faux granite over the laminate that we have. I know I can make it look like I want and won't have to move into the poor house afterwards! So in the next...
  8. Home Environment
    Our new countertops are granite. I had heard that some cleaning agents dulled it. Do you ladies know of what I can and cannot use to clean them?
  9. Home Environment
    This is so scary to post. I can't believe my bathroom counters look so bad. The rest of my house is not like this I promise. I guess since this is the place I am in most mornings and nights, it just keeps collecting clutter. Here goes mine. I'll post DH's next.
  10. Home Environment
    My countertops are such a challenging area of organization for me. It seems as though, when I walk in the door at the end of the day, everything just gets set on the counter. I actually still have a pair of dd's sandals from last summer just sitting on the counter, near the stove. Does anyone...
  11. Home Decorating
    If any of you are hunting product information and the how-to's of painting formica countertops to look like granite: Go to the Benjamin Moore paint site at Click on the site map Then go to Great Ideas: Project of the Month Then click on past...
1-11 of 11 Results