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  1. General Chat
    Congratulations Rhonda. I remember when you first came and you've added so much to the village. Keep those posts coming. :smball:
  2. General Chat
    Congratulations Lisa. Your such a huge part of the village. Keep those posts coming. :smball: :smball:
  3. General Chat
    Congratulations mom23boys on post 9,000 and counting Congratulations Michelle on posts 9,000 plus. Your such an asset to the village and I'm proud to call you friend. I can't wait for the next 9,000 and 9,000 after that. :smball:
  4. Family
    This past week in our Brandon paper, they showed a couple who had been married for 82 years. She was 18 when she married, he was 20. She is now 100 and he is 102. They both live in a senior's home and one of their daughters has been married for 50 years. How long have you been married...
  5. Hobbies
    Wow, thats how many days we have left until Christmas. How are you coming along with your homemade items? Are you anywhere near finished or haven't gotten started? I haven't gotten started. I'm trying to get the craft items done. But I do need to get started soon, maybe I'll do some...
  6. General Chat
    I am now over 1000 posts and really can't believe it! I must say I feel truly blessed to have "met" such a wonderful group of women~! I feel "at home" here and very comfortable. I am learning so much and am very fortunate to be part of the Village! Sara, you have a fantastic spot here and I...
  7. Simple Living
    There is so much information on simple living here, wanted to share it all with you. Make sure you scroll down to the bottom, as there is lots of great reading to be done on simple/abundant living. Love this site. Edited to add: Go especially to...
  8. Health and beauty
    Happy New Year everyone! Here is your reminder to start TODAY! Go get that glass of water Plan your meals Plan your exercise for the day Journal what you eat----if you BITE it, WRITE it...studies have shown that people who lose weight successfully are those that kept a food journal Cut out that...
  9. Hobbies
    Only 34 left and counting until Christmas Eve. How are those crafts coming along? I feel like I'm going to be going just a wee bit crazy and rushing when it comes to Christmas this year. I've been so busy painting angels and Christmas ornaments for craft sales that I don't have a whole...
  10. Hobbies
    Oh my those days are flying by like crazy. How are your Christmas crafts coming along? - have more pj's cut out and ready to sew - finished the scrappy Log cabin quilt - painted more angels for our craft sales - stained a couple of clocks today - made 12 small jars of jams for gift baskets...
21-30 of 30 Results