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  1. Relationships
    Recent threads have started me thinking about this, and I am particularly interested in what couples without children at home talk about with each other. All I do is look after the kids and house. I noticed last time dh and went out together that I am starting to struggle to think of non-kid...
  2. Question and Answer
    What is your monthly grocery budget? There's only DH and I and we spend about $80/week. I know that is WAY too much, and I used to get by on $80/month a while ago. I'm looking to cut down that budget, but I'm wondering what you all spend on groceries per week or month for just two adults.
  3. Leisure & Media Arts
    I thought I'd create this thread since the upcoming season has been on my mind. The new season of TBL, season 7, starts Jan 6, 2009. There are previews available on the NBC website and in the related videos, you can see the weigh in of the biggest couple. Ever. Two nineteen year old...
  4. News you can use
    12 investment mistakes couples make Two heads often don't work as one when it comes time to invest your money.
  5. News you can use
    Real estate for couples Interspousal and quitclaim deeds don't protect one spouse from mortgage payment responsibility, says the Real Estate Adviser.
  6. News you can use
    Financial tips for couples Instead of jewelry, chocolate or flowers this Valentine's Day, get your special someone a gift they'll really benefit from. Here are some financial tips for couples that will fatten your wallet.
  7. Find Your Kith
    Who else is a young couple with no kids yet or.. maybe an older couple who's kids are grown and out of the house... DH and I have been talking about children lately, but.. I don't think its our time yet. We've been together for three years now but have known each other for six or seven LOL I...
  8. Frugal Living
    Managing money alone is tough, but as a couple it can be tougher because you may have two very different sets of assumptions about how you should handle your money, says Deborah Knuckey, author of Conscious Spending for Couples. “Learning to talk about this tough topic can help keep things...
  9. Valentine's day
  10. Debates, Politics and Personal Opinions
    Gabe is a Canadian citizen from Quebec and I'm an American citizen. Any other dual nationality couples at FV? He has his permanent residency that is good for 10 years and is eligible to get his US citizenship.
1-10 of 11 Results