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  1. Simple Living
    I've got a nice scene going here. It's in the singe digits outside tonight but right now as I type I've got the bunch of us in the living room doing our thing. Hubby is watching the military channel, cat is cleaning herself laying on the couch, dog is in front of the fire snoring & I am here at...
  2. Needle Arts
    This is the one I finished on Christmas Eve night. I've only just gotten around to getting a picture of it. Don't mind the headless girl...I'm having a bad hair day lol. :dunce: It's the "Cozy Sweater" from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel.
  3. Sewing
    I've just inherited a sewing machine and I'd like to make a tea cozy, but I can't find a pattern for the type I want to make. I'd like to make one in this style with the contrasting fabrics, drawstring, and the bottom panel (the bottom panel is shown at the bottom of the page). Any idea where...
  4. Hobbies
    I found this while reading Womans Day and wanted to share... They even have one made from old sweaters! Womans Day Blankets
  5. Sewing
    those "pockets" you have on the side of your bed that you tuck part under so it just hangs there? not sure what it's called. i'm just looking for approximate size/amount of fabric i'll need to make this. i'm thinking a two layer pocketed piece. how long does the piece you tuck under need to...
  6. Home Decorating
    My house has some stark areas and I'm working on cozying it up a bit. Any of you have tips on what makes a cozy home? I'll post before and after pics in a few days.
  7. Home Environment Just wanted to pass this nice website onto you:wave:
  8. Home Decorating
  9. Sewing
    I bought a small teapot at a yard sale, and I am LOVING IT! It holds just enough tea for me to have a few cups. I need a tea cozy for it, the tea gets cold too fast. Any ideas or suggestion how to do this? I can sew a bit, but I'm no expert. Thanks!:)
  10. Sewing
    Cozy Covers Here are directions for making a wonderful and inexpensive cuddler you can make at home in just a few hours. Polar fleece is available at almost any fabric store. To keep the cost very reasonable, watch for the polar fleece to go on sale. Fleece is a great fabric for novices...
1-10 of 10 Results